Many homeowners undertake routine home maintenance from general upkeep to landscaping and gardening during their stay on the property. However, maintenance takes a back seat when it’s time to sell the home and move out. Many homeowners believe that maintenance is the next homeowner’s task since they won’t be living in the house. 

The truth is, maintaining your home during the period of selling could be the difference between a sure sale and an extended stay on the market. From thorough cleaning to decluttering and repairs, here are some home maintenance tips for selling your home.

Give your house a thorough cleaning.

The first impressions matter a lot to a buyer. Therefore, do not let dirty floors, dusty windows, foul smells, and other dusty surfaces negatively impact a potential buyer. If possible, call a professional cleaning company and have your house cleaned thoroughly. From scrubbing bathrooms to cleaning carpets, mopping the floor, cleaning windows, etc., ensuring your property is in pristine condition is the easiest way to attract potential buyers.

Declutter your home

Decluttering your home will go a long way in making the space attractive to potential home buyers. When your house is clutter-free, the buyers who come to view can focus on the actual home rather than the knick-knacks lining the hallways and overflowing closets. You can get rid of unnecessary items by donating or selling them. Decluttering also lowers your moving costs and gives you a less stressful time when packing. Remember that your moving company will calculate your moving costs based on your load, so the lesser items you have to move, the more cost-effective it is.

Call a handyman

When selling your house, you have to ensure that everything is in good condition, from the plumbing system to the roof. Call a handyman to fix everything that is not in good condition. They should check and fix leaky faucets, running toilets, hardware, locks, squeaky doors, broken appliances, etc. When everything is in good condition when selling your home, buyers will appreciate the efforts you have put in to maintain the house and will see its worth.

Paint the walls

When selling your home is the right time to paint the walls and make your home appear new again. Stick to neutral colors such as whites, grays, and light beiges that make the rooms appear bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. Avoid bold colors since they may turn off potential buyers who don’t like the colors. Repainting also covers blemishes and any imperfections on the walls to present a black slate to potential buyers.

Clean the gutters and inspect the roof

The roof is one of the initial things potential buyers will spot as they view your property. A dilapidated roof is a turn-off since the buyer cannot bear the thought of incurring hefty costs to repair or restore it. So take time to clean the gutters and undertake roof repairs. It may be expensive, but the property will yield returns after the sale.

Maintain the yard and walkways

Your walkway and yard make the first impression on potential buyers. Ensure they are in good condition. Keep the lawn well-trimmed and neat, remove rubbish, and ensure the driveway is clean and clear.

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