Less is More – Why Using One Agent is Better than Three When It Comes to the Property Market!

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) and RERA have enhanced the rigorous rules and collective measures that control the real estate market in Dubai by outlining the standards for purchasing and selling transactions. Additionally, Dubai real estate agents must get licenses, have extensive market knowledge, and network. Technology has made it possible for purchasers to be well-educated about the value they desire, making expertise one of the top reasons to work with a real estate agent and assist in weeding out false information.

Most people rely on real estate agents in Dubai to buy or sell a property. The Dubai Land Department has declared that only homes with a maximum of three agents can be marketed for sale or rent. There’s a reasonable probability that if you’ve looked for real estate in Dubai, you’ve come across expired or false listings. These waste time and undermine consumer and investor confidence in the market.

Why you ought to work just with one agent

Having your home listed with three agencies will increase its visibility, and you will raise the price and do so more quickly. But this may be different. Here is why working with one agent is always better than more.

One Reliable Strategy

Clients that work with many agents may receive conflicting or incorrect information. It’s normal for customers to hear varied pricing from agents. This may scuttle discussions and prevent you from getting the most excellent deal. By just working with one agent, you eliminate this danger. Our agents can concentrate on executing a consistent plan that brings you the most significant outcome.

Agent As a Driving Force

An agent is likely to work harder to sell or rent a property if they are acquainted with the owner and have given them an exclusive listing. Having numerous agents advertise will encourage them to compete to find buyers as quickly as possible. Still, they are more likely to wonder if it is worth the time and effort if they could lose out to a rival and receive no commission at all.

Lessened Stress

Working with several agents might take a lot of time. Managing extra paperwork, calls, and viewings with various agents might be less pleasant. You need to deal with one real estate agent, thus having a single point of contact. They can provide you with property valuation in Dubai, precise market feedback, handle all the paperwork and viewings, and negotiate the best price.

Choose Wisely

Finding and selecting a real estate agent is challenging, whether you are buying a house to invest in or selling your forever home. Regarding your real estate agent, rapport is crucial, and they must be able to protect your financial assets. It would help if you had a dependable professional, paid close attention to your priorities, and avoided wasting your time on unsuitable homes.


It is considerably more challenging to prevent extra dishonest brokers from duplicating the advertisement and including it among their listings without the owner’s approval if a property is listed with many agents. Unauthorized advertisements generally suggest a price far lower than the market value, drawing in unwary clients who are then informed that the property has been sold and instead shown others on the shady agent’s books.

An Illusion of Excessive Supply

Multiple property listings give the impression that there are many more units for sale than there are. Another reason to reduce the clutter of identical advertisements is that oversupply, or even just the idea of it, can cause selling prices to decline.

Remain Lawful

Multiple listings could be more effective and may also be against the law in Dubai, where the real estate regulation only permits potential sellers to work with a maximum of three agents at once.

Final Thought

It is always better to work with one real estate agent to avoid confusion. Hiring an excellent real estate agent will save you money and time. They will also have access to properties that still need to be advertised.

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