5 Benefits of Using Digital Video to Market Your Business

Videos have grown in popularity in recent years, with an increasing number of firms using them for their digital marketing purposes. Nowadays, video content accounts for more than 80% of all web traffic. So, if you haven’t begun leveraging video content for your marketing requirements yet, you should do so soon.

Shooting a short video may seem simple, but you must also realise that digital video production and editing are critical if you want to make an impression on your films. Editing is more than just eliminating an uncomfortable pause or deleting unneeded material; it is crucial to creating excellent films.

1. Videos are simple to watch and consume.

Leaving a blog or product website because the material is too lengthy is something that everyone has done. Many people don’t have the time to read in-depth explanations of items or services; instead, they prefer to watch a product demo.

Perfectly created videos from DigitalOx Ltd provide you with the chance to adequately describe and illustrate your service or product in a style that is more enlightening and simpler to absorb than extensive written explanations of the same product and service.

2. Videos provide a clear message to the audience

Video editing is a difficult skill to master, and you will need time, patience, and financial resources to do the task successfully. Messages may be lost in meandering talks, extended pauses, clunky transitions, and undesired material if video editing is not done correctly. It is advisable to hire a professional video editor who has access to professional video editing tools and is well trained to chop and trim your content with effects and sounds that assist in getting your point through loud and clear.

3. Videos grab the attention of the audience.

When we learn via images rather than words, our capacity to retain knowledge is substantially greater than learning through text. Not only does viewing videos have a more significant influence on our memory, but it also can capture our attention. However, it is not as straightforward as just uploading a video to YouTube. Your films must captivate the viewer’s interest within the first ten seconds of playtime.

Good digital video editing will assist you in making your movies appear professional and high-quality so that you don’t lose viewers in the crucial initial few seconds of their viewing time.

4. Videos help you save time.

Digital video editing is a skill that one can learn, and the more you practice, the more proficient you will become. You might save even more time if you opt to outsource your video editing to a professional company. When you use professional digital video editing, you may avoid re-recording content that includes errors. Compared to re-shooting, editing saves both time and money and allows you to transform your material into a polished, professional film.

5. Videos keeps your company up to date

Businesses have been employing video marketing for decades; just look at some of the classic television commercials! With the rise of YouTube and the expansion of social media into video content, the video medium is gaining popularity again. Your company may appear on the world’s most prominent social search engines, exactly where people are seeking if you create marketing films that are well-produced and edited.


It’s always worth checking that your digital video content is well-produced since poorly produced films can negatively impact your company’s bottom line. To ensure you make sharp, high-quality marketing films in no time, it’s best to use specialised software or hire a video editor to help you.

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