A Checklist for Selecting the Best ESG Sustainability Reporting Software for Your Company

With the importance of ESG reporting becoming clearer now than any other time in the past, it is time for your company to get involved. Sustainability Reporting has entered an important phase where governments are now focused on making it mandatory. Recently, the EU passed the Taxonomy legislation that is helping to classify different activities so that stakeholders can easily determine if they are sustainable or not. 

The laws and policies are focused on emphasizing accuracy, verifiability and ensuring companies do not just create reports, but also internalize the focus on sustainability. If your report falls short of these attributes, there is a risk of getting labeled greenwashed. Sustainability management software helps to actualize the process of ESG reporting, gathering accurate data, and creating high-profile reports. 

This post takes a closer look at ESG sustainability reporting software, highlighting the main advantages and tips to use when selecting the best option for your company. Why risk your ESG efforts getting labeled greenwashing when an easy-to-use program is only a click away? 

Importance of Using ESG Sustainability Reporting Program 

ESG sustainability reporting is the disclosure of your company’s efforts and impacts on three main areas: environmental, social and governance. It is a process that starts with company review and closes with the publishing reports for clients to see. When done manually, the process becomes complex, raising the risk of creating reports that will not impress stakeholders. This is one of the reasons why you need to have the appropriate software. Other benefits of using ESG sustainability reporting application include: 

  • Makes it easy to follow and stick to the right process of ESG sustainability reporting. 
  • Allows you to cut down the cost of ESG sustainability reporting
  • It is possible to automate the ESG reporting process
  • Awesome for protecting your company data. 
  • You can easily follow all the set key performance indicators (KPIs) and even generate mini-reports to gauge progress. 

Your Checklist for Selecting the Best Software for Sustainability Reporting

Cloud-Based and Mobile Friendly 

Technology has advanced so much today, yielding advanced programs that can be accessed from anywhere and on different devices. The ESG sustainability reporting program should be mobile-friendly and cloud-based to make it easy to follow different metrics all the time. This makes managing the involved parameters easy, including drawing strategies based on the latest data. 


The right program should make ESG reporting easy and intuitive. The interface should make it easy for all the team members to capture data, analyze it, and generate the best reports. It should also make it easy for the involved team members to cooperate from the start to the end of the reporting phase. 

Top-Notch Security 

The moment you plug a program into your company management system, especially the cloud-based apps, it is paramount to be extra careful about security. When preparing ESG sustainability reports, the software you use should provide multiple layers of security to protect data access. Here are the most important things to consider on software security: 

  • Data encryption. 
  • Selective login capability. 
  • Regular data backup in different servers. 

Ability to Track All ESG Reporting Metrics 

Any ESG sustainability reporting process can only be effective when you are able to track multiple metrics in the environmental, social, and governance criteria. In addition, it should allow you to analyze the metrics and generate information to include in the report. 

As you can see, the program you select can make or break your efforts on sustainability reporting. In addition, you should ensure that the app can work with the selected ESG reporting framework, integrates well with your management system, and is scalable. Visit Diginex.com for the best software for sustainability reporting on the market. They also work with experts who can assist you in optimizing the benefits from ESG reporting. 

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