All About Quantity Surveying

Quantitative research

Because of the scarcity of quantity surveyors, there are plenty of opportunities for qualified quantity surveying graduates in the property and construction industries.

Don’t limit your job search to the positions mentioned here; many employers accept applications from graduates of any degree subject.

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Experience in the workplace

If you combine your studies with real business experience, your job prospects will increase. A year-long work placement in the industry is required for certain quantity surveying degrees. Any students who have completed a work placement receive a graduate job offer from their placement provider, though this is not a guarantee. Some people might also be able to get sponsorship and finish their degree part-time in quantity surveying while working.

To improve your job prospects and create contacts in the industry, apply for a summer internship or short-term work experience. Via job placement or company websites, you can apply directly to summer internship programs with large corporations. Even though smaller businesses will not always advertise job openings, they will always have them. Sending a targeted speculative application to companies you’re interested in is a good way to start. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is a good place to start (RICS). For company contact information, use the Find a Surveyor feature.


Quantity surveying consultancies, building firms, contractors and consultancies, and project management consultancies are all popular employers for quantity surveying graduates.

civil engineering consultancies and contractors

Land companies, housebuilders, and housing councils and local governments use specialist surveying firms and tax consultants.

On career boards and business websites, you can apply for graduate positions. You may also make a speculative application to businesses.

There are also job openings in commercial and operations management and project management for a variety of businesses.

For your CV, skills

Quantity surveying studies provide you with specialized expertise in cost forecasting, procurement methods, and construction project management. You’ll also learn about health and safety, legal, regulatory, political, and economic concerns, as well as ethical standards and sustainability, and how they affect construction processes.

You will gain a variety of transferable skills that are useful in a variety of occupations. These abilities include the following:

  • Problem-solving abilities, analytical and data analysis abilities, and negotiation and conflict resolution abilities
  • the ability to plan ahead of time and stick to deadlines
  • interpersonal and leadership skills
  • the freedom to work without supervision
  • Communication skills, both written and verbal
  • abilities in public speaking
  • abilities in project management
  • trust in business management software
  • Digital literacy and IT skills are both essential.

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