Are You Prepared to be a Student While Working a Full-Time Job?

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you feel like there are more things that you should and want to know about? That feeling when you want to venture into new things, other than the things you already know. More than the things you have learned from college? Even if you did not complete your education, there are classes for any kind of profession that interests you. There are even dental assisting classes for those who want to enter the dental industry. Have some people scoffed in disbelief? Well, they were wrong to question you. After all, learning should never stop.

Muscles shrink when they are unused, and the human brain is a big chunk of muscles and nerves. When unused, the brain could also shrink too. That is what happens when you stop exercising your brain—when you stop learning. You could not possibly tell your friends this scientific metaphor, but you can tell them that learning should never stop the moment you have graduated. The only thing you can show them is that you can pull this off and achieve new milestones in life.

However, that would not be that easy. Working as a student and being one is not the same as being a full-time employee with responsibilities and being a student. And so here are some of the things you need to expect when you are working and studying at the same time.

You Wouldn’t Have Enough Time for Other Things

Working as a full-time employee can already be taking up your time, and so things can get tighter when you are attending classes. Regardless of whether you are on a flexible schedule, expect things to be more demanding of your time. That can be with your family and friends, personal errands, and even with your romantic relationships. Therefore, you need to make sure that people around you understand your current venture. It is not easy being a student too. It requires physical, mental, and emotional energy to fully absorb the things you are learning. It is no secret that without being in the proper mental state, your efforts can turn into waste.

What you can do is establish healthy boundaries and follow through with your schedule. Yes, self-management and prioritization are important. After working, you should take a break first before diving into your studies. Take a personal me-time, or hang out with friends but know when to say no, or you would be surprised that three hours have passed and you failed to study for a quiz.

There Are Times When You Will Feel Exhausted

Again, even with your day job, there are times when you are already feeling drained and exhausted. So, ask yourself what more when you are studying while working? There are going to be days when you would question your decision to go back to studying again, but you should understand that it is quite normal. It roots in a healthy amount of self-doubt because you do not want to fail. There would be times when you would even think about giving up because you are too tired to function. That is why having enough time to rest and recuperate from stress is important when you are working and studying at the same time. It is the key to functioning and learning without collapsing in the middle of the night while reviewing for your exams.

Do not forget that you can multitask too. Just because you are studying does not mean you cannot listen to music or watch your favorite shows on Netflix while reviewing for your exams. Remember, when you get stressed about something, take a break if you do not want to break down in exhaustion.

But It Will Be Worth It and Fulfilling

How do you know when something is worth it? When you have to earn it. The things that people do, even when the odds are looking against it, are usually those things that are worth it in the end. Just take a look at Jobs and Gates. When they were still starting, the odds never looked great for their innovative minds, but they pushed through. Although the analogy is far from your work and studies, it is a reminder that you simply have to be determined to make it work. Keep in mind that when you finish your studies, more opportunities will open for you and your career. Who knows, maybe this time the work wouldn’t feel as exhausting as before.

Going back to school and learning is not something that is defined by age or status in life. If you want to pursue something, go for it. All you need is consistency and dedication, and you would be good to go,

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