Benefits of Choosing Professional Plan Management for Your NDIS Funding

There are around half a million people in Australia with permanent disabilities. The NDIS empowers those 500,000 Australians by providing them with funding for the essential support and services they need to move towards independence.

If you are or a family member is an NDIS participant, professional Plan Management can help you. Read on to learn more about its benefits and why it is the right option for you. 

Professional Plan Management Service

Plan Management is a service wherein a professional manages NDIS funds on behalf of participants. The Plan Manager will look after the fund and manage it to ensure that a budget will be allocated to your providers, monitor funds, and offer financial planning guidance.

5 Benefits of Professional Plan Management

1. Get Peace of Mind

NDIS Plan Management provides professional assistance so you can feel secure and have peace of mind. Qualified and NDIS-approved providers such as accountants and bookkeepers will leave you worry-free knowing that your fund is managed by professionals. They will ensure that you won’t be overcharged by making sure that invoices received are compliant and following the NDIS Price Guide.

2. Avoid Stress

With a professional NDIS Plan Management, you won’t deal with the stress brought by the demands of managing your plan. A Plan Manager will be the one to claim funds from the NDIS and pay providers. You can also rely on a professional who will ensure that your expenditures are on track and that your fund will be sufficient until your plan is reviewed. You will also be able to avoid the hassle of dealing with different accounts teams as your Plan Manager will be the one to do this on your behalf.

3. Stay Organised

An NDIS Plan Manager is responsible for the organization and safekeeping of your records. You will be provided with monthly statements so you will have a clear understanding of your fund and how it is spent. By doing so, you will be prepared in time for your plan review.

4. Find More Options

Professional NDIS Plan Management maintains your autonomy at the same level as you would have if you would self-manage your fund. You will be free to choose the provider that you trust and comfortable working with. You won’t be limited to NDIS-registered providers and will still have the freedom to choose according to your requirements or needs.

5. Streamline Processes

The submission and processing of claims with the NDIS would be a complicated process if you will do it on your own. Through professional Plan Management, your provider will be able to navigate throughout the processes easily because of his/her knowledge of complex codes, and broad understanding of required paperwork. Besides being spared from stress and time pressure, your Plan Manager can submit and process claims quickly on your behalf.

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Professional Plan Managers have a thorough understanding of the options available to people with disabilities under NDIS. They are highly knowledgeable and have a thorough grasp of how they can be of help in managing the funds of people with disabilities.

If you are ready to get started, Living My Way offers professional Plan Management that ensures you or a family member will receive reliable assistance and allow members to get complete visibility of their NDIS funding. Send us a message today so we can help you.

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Since 1992, Living My Way has been supporting people with disabilities to live self-directed life. As a trusted member-based not-for-profit organisation, it takes pride in offering disability support services based on an individualised and holistic approach to help empower its members to live as independently as they choose.

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