Causes and Fixes of Hard Drive Not Spinning

When there is no sound coming out of your hard drive, that means the hard drive is not spinning. This situation can put you at a risk of losing data which is why you should fix it as soon as it arrives. Also, this issue can be found in an internal as well as external hard drive so ensure to keep your ears open while using any of them. In this article, we will go through the causes and fixes of hard drive not spinning.

Possible Causes of Hard Drive Not Spinning

There can be plenty of reasons for a hard drive to stop spinning but the most common ones are mentioned below:

  • PCB, expanded as Printed Circuit Board can face electrical failure resulting into the said situation.
  • Either read or write head can get stuck on the platter obstructing the hard drive to spin.
  • Platter motor can seize which refrains the hard drive from spinning.

How To Know If Hard Drive is Not Spinning?

There are several symptoms that help you recognize a hard drive not spinning and here are the most common ones mentioned below:

  • Your computer system would not recognise your hard drive.
  • You would not be able to access the data stored on the hard drive.
  • There would be no spinning sound coming out of your hard drive.
  • Data recovery is impossible until the hard drive is not spinning.

How to Fix Hard Drive Not Spinning Up?


You can help your hard drive to get running again but it is important to find the reason behind its failure to spin. Once that is done, only then the right solution can help you gain your access to the data back.

The first thing that you should do after figuring out the problem is try some hit and trial methods to fix the situation. Here are the few safe methods that might or might not solve your issue of hard drive not spinning:

  • Check for any burning smell coming out of your hard drive because power surge can lead to a damaged PCB on your hard drive. This means that your hard drive‚Äôs damaged part is required to be changed.
  • In case there is no burning smell involved, try reconnecting your hard drive with the operating system using a fresh cable.
  • Also, try switching the USB Port because sometimes a damaged USB Port can fail to build a connection between the hard drive and the operating system.
  • Even try changing the system and check for any results.

In case your problem remains unresolved, your drive might have mechanical or electrical issues. If this is the case, then it is highly important that you take help from a professional data recovery service providers. In case of physical damage to your hard drive, it is always a good idea to reach out to a data recovery service and this article will enlighten your way towards the best one.

Approach Stellar Data Recovery Service

Stellar data recovery service is the best data recovery service in India and it can help you recover data from all kinds of storage media. In this article, we shall see why Stellar is the best option for you to get your hard drive recovered:

  • Stellar can recover data from all makes and models of hard disk drives from all the possible brands available in the market such Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Transcend, Toshiba, Lenovo, and LACIE.
  • In addition to this, the service will recover data from all types of hard drive interfaces which includes SATA, eSATA, USB, PATA, SAS, SCSI, IDE, Fiber Channel, Firewire and more.
  • The service also offers you to recover data from any kind of physical damage like broken, burnt or water damaged drive.
  • You can bring your hard drive to Stellar in case it is making clicking sounds, torn head sounds, or the disk platter has scratches. You can even rely on the service if the read and write head of the drive got stuck.
  • In addition to all these things, Stellar uses Class 100 Clean Room labs to recover your data which is supposed to be the best kind of lab to get your data recovered.
  • You can rely on the service for data safety and privacy as you are the first person to check the data after it has been recovered.
  • Finally, in case there has been no data recovery, there will be no charge.


To conclude this article, I would mention one last time, that in case a physical damage is restricting your access to the data stored in your hard drive or any other storage media, Stellar is the only place you should go for hard drive recovery. In addition to that, Stellar also provides you with a range of data recovery softwares that will come handy in different scenarios of logical data loss. So, whenever there is an issue of data loss, choose Stellar and your data will always be safe with them.

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