Ceramic Ball Bearings for Industrial Applications: Why Motor Repair Shops Should Make the Switch

We talk a lot in this blog about the benefits of ceramic hybrid bearings, and their use in industrial electric motors. We speak about how the reliability and durability of our bearings can reduce equipment downtime and how they require less maintenance than steel ball bearings. These things are all true and important benefits to those who own companies that use equipment with industrial electric motors, but we don’t want to forget about a large majority of our customers: motor repair shops.

A large number of our orders come from motor repair shops and independent mechanics who work on industrial equipment. They are largely the ones who choose which specific parts to use when they repair equipment. Some equipment owners may ask specifically for their equipment’s bearings to be replaced with ceramic hybrid bearings, but most won’t know to do this. Rather, they trust their mechanics to fix their equipment the best way they know how, using the best parts available. However, this isn’t really all they’re looking for. They also want their mechanics to make their equipment more reliable. This means fixing equipment in a way that will last—so they are fixing the same thing over and over again.

Equipment reliability is key in the industrial sector. When a key piece of equipment goes down, production can come to a stand-still, and when that happens the company loses money. A mechanic who can help ensure that a company’s equipment will operate reliably will be a mechanic that companies continue to use and trust their equipment with.

If you’re an industrial electric motor mechanic, you’ve may have thought about replacing your customers’ steel bearings with ceramic bearings in the past, but found the delivery times to be much longer than your customers were willing to wait. Long wait times are typical with other bearing manufactures selling ceramic hybrid bearings, but not with CBR. When you order from CBR Bearing, you get extremely fast delivery times. We can often ship out orders same day, since we have a large number of bearings in stock. If the bearing you need is something we don’t currently have on our shelves, we can have the bearing made and shipped out from our California bearing lab in a short amount of time. You can contact us for estimated delivery times of specific bearings.

Cost may have been an issue for you as well. Ceramic hybrid bearings generally do cost more than steel ball bearings, and if you have cost-conscious customers, they may not want to pay more than they have to for new bearings. Make sure they understand the many benefits of ceramic bearings for industrial applications, so they can make an informed decision about the best bearings for their valuable equipment.

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