Fashion Blogging for Ecommerce

Blogging is a sign of the times and a near-universal acrossthe internet. For eCommerce sites, adding a blog is however no longer a way to get the edge over your competitors. This is because blogs on eCommerce sites are now so common that there are more sites with one than without. The way to get ahead, therefore, is to create a good blog, one that people want to read because of the same interests that make them interested in your product. Andon this last point, there is some quite common advice for eCommerce blogs.

This advice is that a blog should not focus too much on the products themselves. In fact, it should even try to avoid making any posts entirely about the products or the brand. Rather, the trick is to write about interesting topics related to the product, or perhaps how-to concerning the product. There is one area of e-commerce though where this rule seems not to apply so much.

Fashion Blogging

Plurawl, a Hispanic clothing company out of New York, say e-commerce fashion, specifically those multitudes of start-ups and brands focusing on producing authentic fashion items. The blogs found on fashion eCommerce sites will always be about fashion (of course) but because the entirety of fashion is the wearing of clothes, the clothes you are selling make for excellent topics.

You can, of course, write about general fashion advice, but customers will expect you to be the most expert on the clothes you’re actually selling or the clothing types in which you specialize in. A blog post about pairing jeans on a website selling hats wouldn’t be inappropriate, as such, but it would certainly be a little odd and maybe not garner as many readers as the hat company would hope.

Moreover, even when you are not specifically mentioning your inventory items, you will still find yourself blogging about many of the same things that would go in a product description. For example, a post about washing cotton tips would simply be useful for anyone purchasing your cotton products.

Further Benefits

There are other reasons why adding a fashion blog to an eCommerce site makes a lot of sense:

Help Your Customers Make the Right Decisions

And no, the “right decisions” are not the products that make you the biggest profit. It is the ones who create the best customer satisfaction – that’s what makes customers come back. You can educate customers on things like ideal pairings for your products and how to “shop smart” and put together an outfit. This is especially important on fashion sites because if customers look good in your clothing, then you’ve got them.

You Can Reinforce Brand Identification

What do customers associate your brand with? For many, this is the marketing in which they see it in. For clothing lines, associating your brand (mentioned in blog posts) with useful fashion discussion is a positive association that will help readers identify your brand with the real business of buying clothes, wearing them, and creating outfits.

Retain Customers

If you put together a really good blog, you might find that people visit your site for the sole purpose of reading it! Even if a reader doesn’t buy anything, they could come back for the blog as well as the brand. Eventually, they might make a purchase.

Interact with Customers

Every business knows how important the feedback of customers is, and with a blog comes the possibility of a comments section. You can learn about your customers’ needs and wants, and you could even get ideas for future blog posts.

Fashion blogging is a well-established and popular online attraction and it goes hand in hand with a fashion eCommerce store.

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