Getting Involved in Your New Community After A Move

Moving to a new place is always exciting, and when that move takes you to an entirely different country, it can be even more so. However, the excitement of moving in with your partner or yourself can quickly turn to stress if you aren’t prepared for it properly.

Always work with a professional moving company when you are moving country, but don’t forget to work with a partner on the other side too. It is your chance to find out more about your new destination and how you can make the most of it.

Most expats make the mistake of thinking they’ll be spending all their time at home until they get settled. But if you don’t want to feel homesick or miss out on what your new country has to offer, it’s essential to try and integrate yourself into your new community.

Moving can be a daunting experience for anyone, so here are six tips that will help you get involved in the new community:

1. Join Online Forums

A great starting point for meeting people in your local area is to join online forums. It can be done through Facebook groups, other social media sites, or even making use of Google+ if it’s still around. The reason these are useful is that you’ll be able to find out what other expats think about the best places to go out, meet people and even meet friends for coffee.

2. Sign up for Meetup

Meetup is an online social networking platform that lets you join different groups based on your interests or location. You’ll be able to find other expats who are also interested through this site. Trying new things like yoga or even learning a new language will also help you meet people with similar interests.

3. Check out some events online

Your local area will have so much for you to explore, and there will likely be plenty of things going on in your nearest city or town. This is even more likely if festivals are happening at the same time. But don’t worry about them being completely booked up or sold out. Most events have space for walk-ins, so you can turn up on the day to be sure.

4. Look into your residents’ clubs

If you’re ready to move closer to work, joining a residents’ club or society near you is a great way to meet people. There are plenty of clubs for everyone, including expats who are looking to meet friends and families and those interested in giving back to the community.

5. Get involved with sports

Sports is another massive way of staying fit and healthy while having fun at the same time. If you are on your own, why not join a local soccer team or some other kind of club? Most communities have tons of sports clubs that welcome newcomers with open arms, so drop in during one of their training sessions for a chance to meet people.

Bottom line

Moving to a new community is always exciting, but it can be hard to know where to start. Staying behind closed doors isn’t recommended as the best way of making friends is through getting involved in your local community. Following these tips will ensure you aren’t too lonely during your first few weeks or even months away from home.

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