Going Coast to Coast: What to Prepare for a Cross-Country Road Trip

Road trips across the country will take days off your work. This will be an adventure, and you need to pack some things you will need along the way. The thing with road trips, you have to stop at random places to take a rest from driving, and you might also encounter different weathers every day, so you have to be ready about this. Before you start packing your stuff, you have to make a checklist of everything that you need. You also have to prepare for the trip because it will be a long drive to get across the country. 

Your checklist should include the following things to bring for this road trip:

1. Plan Where You Stop

When going on a road trip, planning your stops will let you follow your schedule. You can write your estimated arrival time and time of departure at every visit you have to make along the way. Remember, going on a road trip across the country will take days before getting to your destination. You need to rest, eat, and relieve yourself. This will also be helpful for people with any issue with their urinary system.

2. Make a Checklist of the Things You Need to Pack                               

Creating a checklist of all the things you will bring will give you an idea of how many items you have. When you pack things up, you can list how many shirts, pants, shorts, underwear, towels, shoes, slippers, accessories, and gadgets you have. This will help you know how many items you have in your bags. You can use the checklist again to see if you left anything behind when you have to go back home after your road trip. Forgetting something will not be a problem when your trip is over. 

3. Check the Weather

You can check online the weather forecasts for every state or city that you will pass through. This will give you an idea of what kinds of clothes to bring, whether you need a jacket, a raincoat, or sleeveless shirts to adapt to the weather you will face during your road trip.

Checking on the weather can prevent accidents from happening. If it’s rainy, you have to make sure that your wheels are built for it. No one wants an accident or a collision to occur. In case an accident does happen, look for an attorney who specializes in personal injuries. It’s best if you stay prepared at all times.

4. Stock Some Food, Water, and Other Drinks

This will make you save money during a road trip. Bringing food and drinks during your road trip will keep you from getting hungry and save you some money. You can bring snacks like chips and bread also some sodas and water. You can have an insulated or thermal bag to place all your snacks for the road trip. This will also be helpful if you have any food restrictions and the convenience store or any drive-thru does not have much food that is okay for your health. 

5. Check Roadside Assistance Options

This is effective for a long drive across the country. It will not be suitable to argue with your spouse or the people who joined you for the road trip. As such, make sure you prepare your car for this road trip. If the vehicle is not a rental and your own, you have to check if the spare tire is good, all tools are intact, and your car or vehicle has enough gas to get you to the nearest gas station. 


6. Make an Awesome Roadtrip Playlist

Having a playlist while on a road trip will not get you bored and keep you awake. Sing along with the songs on your playlist, but still be mindful of driving, especially driving alone. If you have your companions with you, having a playlist will keep them busy, especially since the kids will not continue asking if you have arrived at your destination. 

7. Bring Your Pillow And Blanket

It is safe to bring your pillow and blanket on road trips. You can get to rest inside your car while at the passenger seat or let the kids stay at the back of the car. Bringing your pillow will also give you better rest when you sleep at a motel because you will be comfortable with your pillow and blanket. Make sure that you pack them too when you leave in the morning.           

8. Bring a First Aid Kit

Always bring a first aid kit that includes the medications needed by anyone who joins you during the road trip. Always make sure to bring the inhaler of anyone who has asthma, painkillers for those who easily get body ache or headache, mosquito patches, oils, creams, and other things you will need in a first aid kit. Remember to bring your maintenance medicine and your doctor’s prescription. It is always better to be safe and ready from any harm.

9. Take Photos and Create Memories

Going on a road trip will always be a good memory and days well spent with friends or family. Take photos of your journey, the stops you go to, and the places you visit. Someday these photographs will make great conversation starters when you have reunions or gatherings. 

10. Eat Dinner or Lunch in Famous Restaurants or Diners You Pass By

You can get to rest from sitting for a long while inside the vehicle. While traversing the road, you stop by any diner where you can get something to eat. Traveling with an empty stomach will make you grumpy and easily angered. Stopping at any local diner or fast-food chain will replenish your thirst and hunger, and it will also relieve you from being too tired during the trip. 

All these items on your checklist will make your road trip a memorable and enjoyable trip with your friends or family. These things will make your travel more manageable and less hassle from the moment you start your cross-country journey. 

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