As a parent, this is mandatory to keep yourself fit and active. This is not a very difficult task; you only need a determination for it and some effort/workout you have to put to keep fit yourself.

8 Tips of home workout;

In kitchen

In the kitchen, you can to step-ups by using a kitchen stool while you wait for food on the gas. Way of step-ups – step-up with the right foot, up with the left. down with the right, down with the left. Don’t forget to switch the legs halfway.

You can strengthen your calf muscles while doing dishes. You can reach up on your toes and then down to strengthen calf.

In bathroom

When the kids are taking bath in the tub, at that time you can do triceps dips on the edge of the bathtub. You can burn your calories at that time also. When kids saw their parents pursuing a healthy lifestyle, they will also do the same.


When your kids getting busy in their playroom, you have enough time to do exercise at that time there. You can try the plank position for 40 seconds. You can also do some burpees, jumping squad, skipping the rope, and also some running games with kids.

Lay down on your back, pick your baby up in the air for an airplane ride that is fun for them and exercise for you.

You can also do some sit-ups there. It will engage your core and you can feel the abs workout.

Star jumps

Kids also will love this, stand straight, and then jump into the air, expand your legs and arms, then you will look like a large star(x). while doing this, exclaim, I am a STAR.

Gardening area

You can also burn your calories in your garden area. You can do mini squads thereby lifting your pots.

Digging the soil is the best exercise! This works on your back, arms, shoulder, your core, leg muscles, and it will help you hard in no time.


You can too burn your calories by doing sweeping the floor of your home. Do you know that you can burn up to 200 calories per hour by sweeping?

By sweep hard and fast, you will feel that your heart is pumping, that is a sign of a hard workout.


You can also use your house stairs to do some workout. You have todo only- go up and down fastly. Believe me, this is the amazing trick to lose belly fat. If your children also doing this with you then you have to be more alert for them.

To motivate

Always motivate yourself for a workout. Every day say it to you-darling you have to do it for yourself, this is important to stay fit with kids. This is the most important thing for your healthy life.

Exercises are very important for our lives; we should not ignore this. So always take some break daily to do workout and also encourage your kids to do the same.

Happy living!!

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