How To Care for Eyeliner Embroidery 101

Proper aftercare for eyeliner embroidery is half the battle. Just like a lip embroidery treatment, uneven pigments do not always imply the fault of the artist or low pigment quality. Much of it relies on whether you listened to a specialist’s advice during the healing process. Remember that complete recovery is only possible after a month. Therefore, it would be best if you properly followed all advice during this period.

Because the area of the skin becomes highly fragile after embroidery, it is not advisable to expose yourself to the sun throughout the recuperation time. To avoid unpleasant outcomes, use sunscreen and wear sunglasses with UV filters on the lenses before going outside.

After-care for eyeliner embroidery includes protecting against UV radiation, which can not only create a burn but also produce pigmentation on the healing region of the skin. Do not apply cosmetics, do not wash with water, and clean your face with micellar water, tonic, or lotion until the crust is entirely gone after the session.


An ichor may form on the skin immediately after the eye embroidery, which can be wiped using a cotton pad soaked in chlorhexidine. The antibacterial ingredient effectively reduces inflammation and discomfort and cools the affected region. If needed, you are allowed to apply antiseptic every 2 hours.

There will be swelling and redness on the first day following the surgery. These symptoms usually go away within a few hours. Avoid drinking a lot of water to avoid excessive swelling. Applying a dry cold compress to the skin might help to minimise oedema.

After-crust care

Slight peeling will emerge on the third day. You should not remove the crusts yourself; it is essential that the keratinised cells fall off on their own time. Otherwise, the dye will not take root and will be expelled with the lymph, and the healing process will be slowed owing to the microtraumas that have occurred. To avoid infection, keep washing the spot with chlorhexidine for a week.

Care for embroidered eyeliner makeup entails a slew of precautions that you must rigorously follow:

  • Avoid sunbathing
  • Do not go to the pool or the beach
  • Do not visit the sauna
  • Abstain from exercising
  • Do not wash your face
  • Avoid using scrubbing and peels
  • Avoid rubbing or touching the skin with your hands

The embroidery artist will offer treatments to soften and regenerate the skin quickly.

After-treatment care

The hue of the pigment may fluctuate from the final outcome throughout the regeneration process. You need not be concerned: the embroidery on your eyes will heal to the appropriate hue. You should avoid cosmetics and alcohol-based lotions for the first two weeks. However, you can resume your regular care and lifestyle after a month.

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