How to impress a girl with good conversation?

Talking to a girl needs ample exercise, smartness and quick thoughts to find right direction. You need to dig up interesting topics to start conversation to a girl. You should be able to differentiate between what is good and what is bad. 

This blog post is all about how to impress a girl with good conversation at the right time and at the right way. 

1. Have a bright smiling face if you meet her in person

Remember a charm on your face with an adoring smile can create a difference in your way of talking. Be gentle and polite while you talk to that special ‘Her’. There are endless possibilities that she can get annoyed with your off-track discussion. Simple and lighthearted conversations always keep a person interested in you. 

2. Judge your girl’s mood and then speak up 

Judging a girl’s mindset with the present conversation is the right knot that you should click upon. Girls always look for men who resemble their father most of the time. The one very common fatherly feature that impress a girl is Care and adoring quality. So proceed very carefully. Great opportunity to get to know by building an impression. 

3. Boost of her looks, eyes and physical features to impress

Conversation with a girl means you should be tricky, have in-depth knowledge, look smart and represent a gentleman. Rough and rowdy boys, please stay away. There are many girls who actually love bragging. Try out opting for some pickup lines to impress her easily.  If she smiles, she is in your court (LOL).

4. Introduce yourself completely and allow her do the same

Give your introduction and avoid any cheesy lines for the sake of impression her only. She will simply reject you or stop conversation with you. You can also ask her if she loves pet dogs or birds. Share your similar interest. Don’t use false lines and then get caught up in the end. Lying just for her attention is a bad approach. 

5. Don’t just panic or fumble in front her 

Even if you are only communicating through a chat or dating app, she can pick up on a lot about your personality. As a result, it is best to continue with caution. It’s natural to be worried and anxious, fearful that your next line will turn her off or make her grab for the delete key. Never keep her out of the talk but allow her to share her similar feelings over anything she desires to talk about. 

6. Allow her to talk over similar topics and keep up the interest

Do not exclude her from the conversation. If all you talk about is yourself, she will get the feeling that this is going to turn into a serious dating situation, and she might not be interested. If you don’t give her a chance to speak her mind right away, she will never have the opportunity to do so.It is indeed a great opportunity to give her a hint that you like her and her ways. She will definitely get impressed with you. 


Speak the truth and avoid adding unneeded stress to this potential relationship by telling a lie. Tell the truth, and if this connection was meant to be, it will blossom without you having to do anything.

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