How to Run an Effective Mail Marketing Campaign

Many companies work completely digitally when it comes to marketing and advertising. Nevertheless, it is important for business owners not to underestimate the power of traditional mail marketing. Despite advances in technology, direct mail advertising continues to be effective as well as cost-effective and many companies are continuing to benefit from this form of marketing. If you are considering running your own campaign, the tips below might help.

Know Your Market

You are going to be sending material through the mail, but before you get started is important to know who you want to target. There is no point in just sending out materials haphazardly without putting any thought into your targeted audience as all you will be doing is wasting time and money with little return on your investment. Select your market based on specific demographics such as location, age, or income that you think will be interested in whatever product or service you are providing.

Create a List

Once you know who you are going to target, you will need to either generate your own house list from customers that you already have or have had, or you will need to obtain a list from a third party. You can choose to buy a targeted list or rent one. The good folks at Full Tilt Direct, specialists in running direct mail advertising campaigns, say that small companies or those that have never utilized direct mail before often find it preferable to rent a targeted list until they measure the results for themselves.

Personalize Materials

Whatever materials you choose to send out, be that postcards, brochures, USB sticks, pens, or mugs, it is important that it has been branded with your company name and logo. You can go one step further to achieve effective results by personalizing the content that you include with materials. Make your targeted audience feel special by making the content they receive feel like it was sent just to them. Use the recipient’s name when addressing them and add in other details such as recommendations for a specific product or service that you believe would benefit them.

Make Your Materials Interesting

A customer is more likely to read your content if it is engaging and interesting. It is vital that you get this right or whatever you send is likely to end up in the trash. Use images that are fun and clear. Think about what you would like to see from a flyer or postcard. Make sure the information you include is short and concise. Adding testimonials is always a good idea as people like to see what others think about your brand.

Make the Most of Your Call to Action

The call to action is perhaps the most important aspect of your direct mail marketing campaign. After all, this is where you will ask the individual to reach out and order a product or service from you. Your marketing campaign should include concise information that will pique the interest of the recipient and make them want more. Give the reader a reason to want to order from you. This might mean including a discount code for first order. You will want to make it worth their while to put their trust in your product or service.

Measure Your Results

It is essential that you measure how successful your marketing campaign has been. This will help you to determine whether to run another one in the future. There are many ways to do this such as adding discount codes or QR codes that will allow you to track new user activity on your site.

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