New Diesel Generators vs. Used Diesel Generators for Business

Commercial generators for any business operations, high-performance facilities, and industrial applications are important assets when facing power outages that disasters like super storms and hurricanes cause. Either a new or used generator may help to maintain safer working environments, minimize losses, and mitigate downtime.

Why Invest in a Commercial Diesel Generator?

When considering sources of power, whether, standby or primary, diesel generators always take the lead. Visiting to buy one is a huge commitment and a great investment for several reasons. These reasons include the following:

  • Economic use of fuel – Basically, fuel is one of the key factors that make diesel generators unique. A diesel generator uses less fuel and generates more energy. Although buying diesel is expensive, diesel-powered generators use little fuel and provide more energy. In addition, it is safer to use diesel than gasoline. It doesn’t ignite quickly, plus you may store diesel for a long period of time without compromising on quality.
  • Reliability and longevity – A diesel-powered engine suffers less wear & tear because of its lower operating temperatures. This leads to minimized requirements for maintenance. As a result, the machine has a longer lifespan than gasoline-powered engines. Not to mention, diesel generators are reliable, making them suitable for crucial tasks in areas, such as farming, phone networks, and healthcare.
  • Support and customization – Leading manufacturers provide a wide range of diesel-powered generators, which are tailored to very specific requirements. These options are designed to meet various requirements, including saving energy. They don’t just provide reliable power in the case of emergencies. They also act as the major source of power, not to mention, they are tested and designed to match what customers need.
  • Environmental considerations – Although natural-powered engines are popular alternatives, diesel generators offer cleaner-burning solutions. They not only have lower emissions but are also helpful in industrial settings when environmental impacts are an issue.

New Diesel Generators

Like buying a new water container, one of the key reasons for investing in new generators is a manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the equipment. The terms and length of every warranty differ, but mostly, they last for one or two years, based on the intended use of the engine or generator. But like car warranties, a warranty for new generators comes at a high cost. Depending on the manufacturer, make, and size, there might be a longer wait period. Therefore, you will need more time to account for all that, especially on a large generator. For a company, which is willing to wait and needs the security that the warranty provides, a new generator will be a suitable option.

Why Buy New Diesel Generators?

Apart from the manufacturer’s warranty, new diesel generators come with modern technology. You have the option of opting for the modern standby power technology that can offer you the most reliable and advanced backup source of power. With new generators, you are guaranteed, too, that the equipment will be compliant with the relevant legislation.

Used Diesel Generators

A used diesel generator is exactly what its name states. This generator has been bought, installed, and used before you purchase the equipment. Although a used generator is commonly known for being dependable, it as well relies on how regularly the previous user used the equipment. It may also rely on how well the equipment was maintained and serviced. Most dealers for used generators carry out a pre-purchase inspection and then conduct thorough inspections that may include maintenance and servicing when the equipment arrives in their warehouses. This ensures that their clients only get generators, which work efficiently and effectively.

Why Invest in a Used Diesel Generator?

It is safe to operate on a used diesel generator. The risk of an unexpected fire is greatly minimized as they don’t need lots of wiring or spark plugs. A used generator also has a longer lifetime. Generally, used generators are sturdy and reliable machinery. This minimizes the costs of maintenance as well as the need for frequent repairs/maintenance. Even if it is a used generator, it can still last for many years to come.

Factors to Consider When Buying Used or New Diesel Generators

In today’s market, you will not just find a new and used water container. You will also find a used and new diesel generator. The buying process for both new and used generators begins with first knowing the purpose for buying. For instance, you might need a generator to power at a particular site or serve as an emergency backup. Another thing to do is to research thoroughly on what requirements and specifications are required for specific sites. Apart from determining the purpose of the equipment and researching extensively, you will also need to consider the following factors to make the right buying decision:

1. Physical Wear & Tear

If a generator has been outdoors for a long time, it is likely it might have physical wear & tear. Therefore, you must check for corrosion and cracks on mechanical components, which can easily get damaged. Ensure you look past the paint job that was done previously because you can easily repaint a generator. But it would be best to make sure the previous paint is touched up and maintained for maximum protection.

2. Size and Weight

Unlike petrol-powered generators, diesel-powered generators are much heavier and bigger. They have heavier and larger tanks and parts – meaning it will be inconvenient if you want to transport the equipment. But by planning your sites carefully, you can find a suitable space for your diesel-powered generator, and size will not be a problem.

3. Manufacturer Reputation & History

Again, like cars, generators have more reputable and trusted brands. This is why you need to research brands, which are well-known for making sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting generators. Examples of reputable brands for used diesel generators include Able Sales, Kohler, Onan, Detroit, and Cummings, to name a few. But you can find other brands that can suit your needs, whether your key goal is good support, reliable power, or affordability.

New generators are probably the best option when you already have a budget for them and want a reliable source of power for many years to come through minimizing preventive maintenance and upkeep. But used diesel generators will be a suitable option if you need a cost-effective option.

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