Own Business or Job: Which Is Better For You

A job with a fixed salary or running your own business and being your boss is quite difficult to find out a satisfactory answer. When we talk about which is the better option, your own business or a job, you should ask it for yourself and try to find out your strength in which you are most calibre. If you don’t like to take orders from others, besides that you are good at commanding then surely you can not do a job. These kinds of people can not follow orders. But in a business, nobody would give you command for your work, there you are your boss. Hence, first, recognize yourself. 

Look there is a great difference between doing a job and running a business. But which is better and good for you, depends on many individual factors. The decision between your own business or job decides where you look at yourself in the next 4-5 years of your life. 

In this debate, we are going to take part and try to help you over which is better; own business or a job. Here we are going to compare some other points also, about own business or job. You can consider them and maybe It could help you to decide that own business or job: which is better.

It is important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of own business or job, to decide between both. Everything is not for everyone; some things can be best for one and can be worst for others. Therefore, before making any decision you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages of your own business or job. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Own Business

The business gives you the freedom of enjoying your own decisions and be your boss. Here we are listing some advantages of business in a brief, have a look.


  • Freedom of making decisions.
  • You cannot be fired.
  • In this case, You will have time for your own.
  • You won’t be scolded for reaching late.
  • Can enjoy all the profits alone.
  • Can give employments to others also.
  • Will not force to follow others’ rules.
  • Can set your own rules.
  • Can learn more opportunities to enhance your skill.
  • Your all-hard work will be for yourself.
  • You will be your boss and can make prestige of your name and business.
  • You can have departments in a company that can manage for you.


  • You will need a huge amount of money to start your own business.
  • Can be suffered some losses at the survival stage of your business.
  • Have to face little stress of managing multiple functions.
  • You will not assure about the fixed income.
  • Legal and government documentation can be trouble. 
  • Battle with competitors.
  • So many tasks to do like hiring or firing people or dealing with work chaos at the office.
  • The pressure of making a balance between expenses and income.
  • The stress of managing multiple tasks.
  • Indulging in dirty business politics to gain profits.

These were some points to consider before starting your own business. But remember, nothing comes easy in life, you have to put lots of effort to earn it. You can be a successful businessman by facing challenges, nothing is impossible, keep trying and do your best. But this is the half perception, now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the job.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Job

Around your world, you can see many people who are doing jobs with a nice package and earning handsome money against their job. But we cannot make any decision by seeing them. We need to know the advantages and disadvantages of jobs as well, have a look;


  • With the flexibility of exposure, you can switch companies when you get a better option.
  • Get bonuses and other benefits for your good work.
  • No need for money to start a job.
  • No need to pay the rent or buy a place for an office job.
  • Have to do only assigned work, not all office work.


  • The pressure of completing the assigned work within a time limit.
  • You have to follow the others’ commands.
  • Your competitors are all around you in your workplace. 
  • Your company can throw you out without any notice.
  • Can not take any decision all alone.

Now you have points on both types; own business or job. You must consider everything before start anything. No matter what you decide, in the end, you will be a successful person!!

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