Restoring the Christmas Spirit in the Family’s post-pandemic Life

Celebrating the holidays has perhaps changed forever since the onset of the pandemic. We can only think of how much we took for granted the ease of gathering everyone in the family together for that once-a-year reunion. Now that we cannot let our guards down yet in terms of everyone’s health and safety, here are ideas on how to celebrate Christmas with your family the new normal way:


Staycation is probably one of the traveling trends that the pandemic amplified and is here to stay for the convenience and prolonged relaxation it brings. This could just be the most viable option for your family especially if you’re scattered across the country and especially if you miss each other so much after a year of spending the holidays apart.

For families that have grown so much in recent years, opening that huge manor your grandparents have inherited from your ancestors may just be the perfect venue for a week-long family staycation. The kids and grownups alike can enjoy the vast space, fresh air, and peaceful ambiance away from the hustle and bustle downtown. Besides, the venue would be just as perfect for the elders to relive old memories, share them with the younger ones, and recreate crafts such as recipes that have been passed down to generations.

Of course, everyone has to pack well for the duration of the stay. Special attention must be given to the elderly who may experience discomfort during long-distance travel. It would help if groups are assigned things like food, beverages, firewood, camping goods, and blankets they will have to bring to the trip. In case a group decides to stay longer, they can hire a professional mover to bring in the necessary homeware.

Celebrate for the Community

If gathering the family members still seems risky for you, there are alternative ways to still make the season meaningful. One of the classic ones is by doing volunteer community work. Enjoin the help of family members who are, as much as possible, already vaccinated and are currently in good health.

Even if not everyone can be around during the volunteering occasion, you can still make the spirit of togetherness alive by keeping everyone aware of what is going on in the field. For those who, unfortunately, could not make it due to health or schedule constraints, they could still take part by raising funds.

Christmas is supposedly a joyful season but some families and groups do not have the luxury to celebrate or are further marginalized by the harshness of winter. The help you can amass as a family would already be of big help for people like the homeless, the elderly in nursing homes, chemo patients, and pets in shelters.

If not physically visiting these less fortunate settlements or charitable institutions, you can still donate raised funds. You can bulk up the donation by gathering still-useful things that you are ready to give away like old clothes, books, toys, gadgets, and food. Drop these off to your chosen community and schedule a day when you can personally endorse all these goods to the administrators of your chosen charitable institution.

Family Traditions

You must have held yourselves back a lot last year from enjoying traditions you and your family perform annually. If the circumstances already permit, you can bring those back alive. Do you go on winter fishing trips or decorate that giant fir tree outside your house just before you all get seated and share a festive Christmas banquet?

Were there games you would play after everyone has had their Christmas food fill? Perhaps, are charades, drinking games, and a Christmas song relaying any of those? Do you raise glasses and share a toast just when the clock strikes 12 for the 25th of December?

And, of course, the present opening part is fun for seeing each other’s priceless reactions. This year might just be the best time to bring back the old times.

The Power of Virtual Communication

This digital era proves how no distance can stop you from keeping in touch with your loved ones. This year, reuniting with some family members may still prove to be difficult given their location and the COVID-19 situation in their locality. You can still wish them well at least through your phone or computer camera. Relieve their homesickness by frequently updating them of the family’s state.

Christmas can be as meaningful as we intend it to be. There may be limitations to spending time with our loved ones, but there are ways to alleviate one’s longing for home.

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