The Principles And Usage Of Thermopile

The device responsible for generating the electrical energy from thermal energy is Thermopile. It is thus a very useful tool for sensing the temperature of a particular place. Physical contact is not necessary for implementing such a device. Moreover, it is convenient to measure the differences in temperatures when two different types of metals come into contact. A tool is mandatory in such cases, generating a specific voltage to bring parity among the concerning metals. Nobili was the first person to come up with such a brilliant idea for energy conversion.

Series of thermocouples is the primary component of thermopiles for thermal energy conversion. However, these thermocouples can also be in parallel order. This article will describe the nature of the tool and how it can be beneficial for humankind.

Structure Of A Thermopile

The thermocouples present in a Thermopile actually carry out the process of energy conversion. The interconnection is there with the help of electricity. Therefore, when two metals come together, one junction of these components absorbs the thermal radiation. As a result, there is an immediate increment in the overall temperature. The name of this junction is the Active Junction. Thermopiles have the greatest usage in appliances like water heaters, geysers, etc.

The best part of using such a great method is generating electricity automatically from the heat. Hence, it becomes effortless to convert the energies from thermal to electrical. The detailed description of a Thermopile and its internal structure can seem to be a bit complicated to the readers. However, a perfect analysis will make the picture clear.

Exposure To Temperature Differences

When two metals, completely dissimilar in properties, come together, there can be a collision of the energies. At this time, the thermopiles generate high voltages. These tools are more powerful than the thermocouples in terms of generating current. The electronic valves of any device, operated by gas, need enough electrical energy to operate as expected. Thermopiles are the perfect options to deliver the required current in any power circuit board.

Around 600 to 750 millivolts are the normal capacity of this standing pilot system. It ensures safety by transferring the needed voltage to the pilot valve. As soon as the user switches on the pilot lit, production of enough voltage will take place inside the tool. Therefore, this theory is the ultimate reason for the smooth functioning of any water heater or gas stove.

Unfavorable Situations And Life Expectancy

Sometimes the thermocouples fail to generate the required heat for operating the power panel. Such a case is popular as low thermopile error. This will make the controller system non-functional. Hence, when the user switches on the power panel, it will generate an error message. It will indicate that there is something wrong with the operational capacity of the thermopile of the water heater. Therefore, it is necessary to go for immediate repairs of the whole system if anyone faces this kind of situation.

Generally, a thermopile sensor has no specific guarantee period or life span. The only way to keep them going for an extended period is adequate maintenance. A water heater can continue to function without issues for decades if the internal circuits remain in proper condition. This can be challenging to some, but not impossible. It is better to consult an experienced professional to learn the hacks for long-lasting effects.

Costs and Maintenance Of Thermopiles

Everyone is eager to learn about the costs of a product first before using it. In the United States, the current prices of thermopiles start from $15 and above. These are undoubtedly excellent products for ease of doing everyday household activities. The formation of debris is common in the thermocouple. However, it will be easy to clean it with the help of cloth sandpaper. For thorough cleaning, detachment from the burner is essential. When the millivolts in thermopiles go below 400, it Is time to fix the inner circuits.


The modern electricity generation concept of a water heater is possible in the presence of the thermopiles. This electronic device will make the appliance run on gas to receive the correct amount of electricity through heat generation. Thus, thermopiles have enough relevance in the electrical world today. Moreover, it is a fabulous invention for effortlessly converting thermal energy into electrical.

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