What are Explainer Videos and What Makes Them So Effective?

Short, fashionable, and intuitive videos can transform the way individuals interact with the products and services of a brand. Such is the power of a SaaS explainer video and thereby it is considered one of the most effective channels of video content marketing. Studies claim that video marketing strategies in the form of explainer videos are effective in convincing consumers to buy products or services. When a SaaS platform is embedded with a well-defined explainer video, the conversion rates also boost up to 85%.

What are Explainer Videos?

SaaS explainer videos are advertising or marketing videos that explain the application or production to the target audience. It is created in a short film that communicates the way business products or services function in a simple, yet engaging manner. They are referred to as marketing videos to showcase the benefits of a product or service of a company. It is through the video content that protocols, concepts, and ideas of the company are propagated boosting sales, and user sign-ups.

Types of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short and last ranging from 45 seconds to a maximum of 90 seconds. Fashionable conversational scrip and enticing visuals are used to grab the attention of the viewers. Two popular types of explainer videos that are used by businesses are explained below.

Animated Explainer Videos

This is one of the most popular types of explainer videos utilized by businesses of all sizes. A wide array of techniques like 3D animation, 2D vector, motion graphics, etc., are used to create an effective SaaS explainer video. The primary benefit of animated explainer videos is the creative freedom that one gets.

Live-Action Videos

This is a conventional approach that includes real people, locations, and objects in the video content. The advantage of such explainer videos is that they deliver human-to-human connections, and emotions from real people. The majority of explainer videos used are animated, including a live-in explainer video can make the brand stand out from the rest.

Why are Explainer Videos So Effective?

Multiple reasons explain why explainer videos have become such a big name in the arena of video content marketing.

Focuses on the Brand

One of the benefits of creating explainer videos is the easy explanation they provide about the organizations. The explainer videos can answer basic, yet tricky questions like:

·        What does the organization deal with?

·        Why should anybody be interested in the company?

·        How can people be made interested in the company?

The motive behind creating an explainer video is to focus on what is the most important aspect of the company.

Engaging Information

The majority of explainer videos are effective in delivering higher viewer retention rates. This is mainly because the videos tell intriguing stories and keep the audience engaged till the end of the video. The narrative structure is short and simple, which makes explainer videos even more effective.


A SaaS explainer video is perfect for sharing information across a wide range of digital formats. The clarity and simplicity of video content make it so result-oriented whenever accessed. The impact of the video is the same whether it is watched on a smartphone, digital billboard, or a company website. The flexibility renders a quick and easy way to connect with people and get across information.

Communicates Brand’s Culture

On the basic level, explainer videos are the simplest ways to showcase who the brand is and its motive in the field. But, explainer videos are much more as the format and presentation can demonstrate the feel and culture of the brand or organization.

Improves SEO Rankings

Search engine rank websites analyze the duration the visitors usually spend on webpages. An analysis is also made on how much the visitors usually interact with the webpage content. This is one of the reasons why explainer videos are excellent for SEO rankings. When people watch a video for two minutes or more, the right signals are sent to ranking algorithms.


A SaaS explainer video is an excellent way to deliver the most vital message that a business needs to communicate to the world. It is all about creating a simple video but making an impact in the current online landscape is challenging. A good explainer video can form an instant connection apart from delivering clear information.

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