What to Think of When Designing a Parking Lot

If you are in the process of getting a commercial premises built and employ a large number of peopleas well as expecting a lot of footfall in terms of customers or clients, you will need to give some consideration to the design of your parking lot. As well as ensuring that you have enough spaces to accommodate the number of people who will use it, you must also make sure that it is both easy and safe to use. When you givethe time and effort into the process of designing the parking lot, it will be able to accommodate more vehicles, which will ultimately benefit your business.

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Designing the Parking Lot

There are many things to think about, with single space dimensions being one of the most important. It is crucial that there is enough space for each vehicle, allowing passengers to get in and out easily without giving too much space and reducing the number of vehicles your parking lot can hold at any one time. With vehicles of assorted sizes, it may be a good idea to introduce spaces of varying sizes too. This will ensure that people with bigger vehicles such as vans and SUVs can find parking spaces easily.

As well as the size of each individual space, the layout of the spaces is something to consider. If your business will have a high turnover of vehicles coming and going, you might want to consider parking spaces at either a 45- or 60-degree angle. If the parking lot is to be mainly used to accommodate staff vehicles during the day, 90-degree angled spaces are preferable because you will get more spaces in the lot.

The experts at Parking Lot Pros say that the material used for a parking lot is really dependent on the expected traffic. There are a number of options including concrete and asphalt paving, with both having their pros and cons. You are going to need thicker pavement if you are expecting a lot of traffic and heavy vehicles. The depth of the pavement is also going to be determined by the soil quality underneath.

The flow of the parking lot should also be considered in the design, particularly for larger parking lots. You may want to establish a one-way system, especially if your parking lot has more than one story. Whatever type of system you use, it is vital that your parking lot is well signposted to ensure safety for everyone who uses it. Walkways for pedestrians is also a good idea.

Lastly, drainage considerations are important because the last thing you will want is pools of water in various areas of the parking lot. Besides being inconvenient for those using the lot, pooling water can be dangerous and can result in accidental injury, followed swiftly after by a lawsuit for the business.

When laying the concrete or asphalt surface, make sure that the design includes a pitch to allow water to flow away. Alternatively, you could install drainage grates and ditches or runoff trenches.


Giving consideration to the layout of your parking lot is of vital importance when designing a commercial premises. You will need to think about individual parking space size and layout to ensure the parking lot can accommodate the maximum number of vehicles while also being easy and safe for those who use it.

Other things to consider include the flow of the parking lot as well as ensuring that it is well signposted. Safety is also important and particular attention should therefore be given to adequate drainage.

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