Why does your business need a strong website?

Your website attracting customers is very important, but it’s essential to convert these visits into sales, appointments or bookings. Your website is your hub for all of your marketing activity and may dramatically increase sales organically.

Every business needs a robust website in order that they are able to do the following:

Organic (Free Conversions) 

Organic conversions are incredibly important. If your business can generate a lead from your website, you’ve got an infinite return on your investment. An inquiry from your strong website will allow you to; make a buying deal directly (through an e-commerce site), gain appointments/sales opportunities and build your connections. We all know that word of mouth marketing could be a powerful tool, one website sale can cause multiple future recommendations. There really is not any limit to your return on investment.

Strengthen brand and marketing activities

As mentioned within the article previously, your website could be a hub for your marketing activities. Therewith space, comes great opportunities. Demonstrating your e-pitch to prospects will only improve your likelihood of creating an acquisition. there’s an array of styles and website builds which may help strengthen your branding. Builders like WordPress are particularly useful for creating bespoke websites with analytical control.

SEO Presence 

A strong website will even improve your likelihood of being seen by your customers through SEO. Through consistently strong website design and development work, your website will begin to rank higher and better on Google and other search engines. This can be an extreme boost for gathering more relevant customers on your website and increasing your organic conversions.

Building a business to last

If you’re new to starting a business, this section is for you. We all know the scary statistics about what percentage businesses fail within the primary year. If you wish to create a dent in your competitors market share a robust website design will support you. Customers make purchasing and website decisions in seconds. Your website design should provide a primary impression to last. In-turn, this can support your marketing efforts and organic enquiries.

How to find out if your website is strong: 

  • Low bounce rate (ideally below 50%)
  • Consistent conversions 
  • Few dead clicks (clicks that are not linked to other pages) 
  • Few frustrated sessions

These analytics and measures will be seen on analytics tools, plugins and website tracking softwares. It’s always worth gaining an honest opinion from your current customers to know how easy your website is to use.

Website or website design agencies in Northampton are always a decent source to search out a site auditor to analyse your current website and help SMEs understand improvements.

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