5 Reasons Why Spiritual Learning is Important for Awakening to Fundamental Levels of Reality

Spiritual learning is not just about the mind but also the soul. You will learn to be present in your life, listen to what your body and mind are telling you, and protect yourself from negative energy and thoughts. Spiritual learning from a good coach helps you to be non-judgemental of others’ beliefs and practices (even if they differ from yours), trust that there is a higher power that will always guide us on our journey through life—and much more!

1.   It Teaches You to Be Present

Being present means being aware of what is happening right now. It’s a state of being aware, focused, and attentive to the present moment. Being present in your life makes you more alive and able to learn from your experiences. When in this state, you will better understand how your thoughts impact your moods and emotions and affect others around you. Being present also means you stop wasting time thinking about things that aren’t important for where you want your life headed.

Instead, you should focus on what needs attention now instead of dwelling on past regrets or worrying about future consequences when there isn’t any guarantee anything will happen! An experienced spiritual teacher like John Deruiter will help you be fully present in your life to find spiritual truth and wisdom, thus experiencing a deeper connection with yourself, others, and all reality.

2.   It Teaches You to Listen

Listening is a skill that involves being present. It’s a way of connecting with others and learning from them, as well as a way to understand yourself better. Listening is integral to spiritual learning because it helps you see what you need to work on in your life and how your experiences can support growth.

To listen effectively, you must first make sure you are genuinely listening. That means your thoughts or feelings do not distract you while someone else speaks or doesn’t speak. You also need to be open-minded enough that you do not filter out whatever comes up before you hear it fully; otherwise, there won’t be any added value from experience!

3.   It Teaches You to Protect Your Energy

Protecting your energy is an essential part of spiritual learning. When you are asleep, you are unaware of the world in which you live. You cannot see or hear things as they are; all that exists is a dream-like state where time and space have no meaning. However, once you awaken to fundamental levels of reality, it becomes clear that there is far more going on around you than your personal experience at any given time.

There are beings and energies surrounding you who want nothing more than for you not to be awake so that they can control you and make decisions without your consent or knowledge (or even awareness). Suppose these beings take free reign over humankind’s future—and if those same humans were unaware enough about what was happening around them during this process—then their agenda could destroy everything we know about ourselves as individuals and communities across space-time dimensions!

4.   It Teaches You to Be Non-Judge mental

As you awaken, you will notice that judging others and yourself is not just a bad habit but an illusion. It’s a way for you to separate yourself from others and your inner power. Judging is also a form of fear because it separates you from each others by making us believe that one person or group has more value than another.

That can lead to competition and unhealthy relationships where you feel threatened by those who are different than us or appear as though they have more power than you do in society (or even at home). It’s important not only because it prevents you from seeing the truth about reality but also because it prevents seeing the truth within yourself—that there is no “me” here!

5.   Spiritual Learning is About the Mind and Soul

The mind is not enough to understand spiritual learning. The soul is the source of all learning, wisdom, and knowledge. We can only access our true selves through awakening to fundamental levels of reality. Spiritual education is not just about the mind.

It’s about opening up your heart so you can experience love in its truest form—the love between Creator and creation (or creator/creation). When you live from this place within yourself instead of from outside yourself (like when you’re into your thoughts), then you have access to unlimited potential for growth!


Spiritual learning is not just about religion or spirituality; instead, it’s an integral part of what will help you connect with your soul and awaken your true nature as a human being. The spiritual awakening experience can be life-changing and transformational because this knowledge teaches you the truth about yourself. It teaches that we are pure consciousness, one with the source that created all there is. Through spiritual understanding, you can transcend your limited perception of reality and reconnect to the divine energy in our bodies. A spiritual leader will help you find answers to these questions and more by guiding you through the journey of awakening.

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