5 Tips On How To Use Door Hangers To Promote Your Business

Door hangers are an incredibly cost-effective way to get the word out there bout your business. First off, they are noticeable because they are hooked right on the door, unlike being lumped in with junk mail in the mailbox. Secondly, they are inexpensive to print and customize with your logo, name, and any other call to action message you wish to include. If you want the attention of potential customers, door hangers come in handy.

There are several things to consider when using door hangers to promote your business for your marketing campaign to give you the desired return on investment and impact.

Research your target audience

Before you go ahead and print door hangers to distribute to your potential consumers, take your time to research your target audience. This is important to determine the neighborhoods or locale that need your services or products. For instance, you wouldn’t wish to sell lawnmowers to a neighborhood full of apartments and condos. Distribute your door hangers to areas that host your target audience.

Keep the message simple.

When marketing your business using door hangers, do not go overboard with too much information that confuses the reader. Keep the message simple by including only the essential information. Ideally, do not promote more than one aspect of your business in a single hanger because minimalism is vital. 

You can use door hangers along with custom brochures to inform the customers of the other aspects of your business. Also, avoid leaving door hangers for people who do not use your services to save more and avoid annoying people with your marketing efforts.

Make an excellent door hanger.

Do not just create door hangers for promoting your business but create outstanding ones. Most of us have ignored door hangers just because we didn’t find anything interesting in them. That is not how you want your marketing campaign to go. Think about why you have ignored door hangers before and avoid making the same mistakes. Engage a professional to design catchy door hangers that attract the eye and leave your brand memorable in the consumer’s mind. Keep in mind that a door hanger is an advertisement that only has a few seconds to impress the consumer or catch their attention.

Create a marketing campaign

Distributing door hangers may not be sufficient to promote your business without a comprehensive marketing campaign. Create a marketing campaign with other resources such as promotional rack cards that tell consumers more about your brand, services, or products. You can create a promotional campaign or giveaway sale that gives the potential consumers a reason to visit your store or shop from you.

Track your results

Find a reliable way to track your results, for instance, by asking your new clients how they learned about your brand. You can also offer coupons on the door hanger so that you know how many people view it. The information helps you determine if you will do another door hanger advertising campaign or not.

The last words

When you use the best strategies, a door hanger marketing campaign can bring a huge impact on your business. It is a simple and cost-effective way of promoting your business to your target audience.

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