Common Forklift types

Forklifts are such powerful vehicles for builders. Whether in a construction field or a warehouse, forklifts can lift loads that humans cannot and are indispensable at any job site. You don’t go to a forklift dealer and pick one at random, nope. You have to choose the one that will serve you best, and that can be a challenge. 

This article outlines a few types that you can check out for

A warehouse forklift

This is the most recognizable type, and it resembles the yellow golf cart. It has twin forks that extend from the front. You’ll most likely want to use this type of forklift in a warehouse where there are quite a large number of items in the inventory. They are great for loading and unloading pallets, balanced materials, and removing items from the transporting vehicles. Some models are the Hyster 36-38T, Komatsu, and Toyota -wheel electric forklift. 

The warehouse forklifts come in two main subtypes; a side loader common in steel service centers and manufacturing facilities that deal with bulky and heavy items.

Counterbalance forklifts are popular lifts with forks at the front and a weight in the back, and that gives them the ability to move heavy loads.


This is also known as the telescopic forklift, and its uniqueness is in a boom and an extendable arm. That makes it more of a crane and forklift combination. The forks are used in moving pallets off the ground. A single telehandler can lift 5500 lbs of material to a height of 19 feet. They are great for reaching odd angles and tight spaces. 

Due to their popularity, big brands like Genie, JCB, and caterpillar are now producing high-quality ones. 

Industrial forklift

This is also known as a large capacity forklift and combines the functionalities of a telehandler and warehouse forklift. The industrial forklift is narrower in shape compared to the telehandler and warehouse forklift. It can lift payloads much higher off the ground than any other—the smallest starts with 30,000Ibs maximum lift which is quite significant. Some of the popular brands that manufacture industrial forklifts are NACCO industries and Mitsubishi. 

Rough terrain forklift

The common name for this is a straight mast forklift explicitly designed for outdoor and especially uneven surfaces. These can lift huge models, most of which are averagely 6000Ibs to 8000Ibs. They’ve steady pneumatic tires that help in navigating rocky ground. For better balance, while transporting materials, their tires are oversized and threaded. If you do most of the work indoors, this is not the forklift you need. It’s for outdoors like in construction sites and such.

Pallet jacks

These are specialized in nature and aren’t capable of lifting large loads due to their small size. They’re also known as pump trucks. They’ve got a small footprint, and that allows them to fit into the tightest spaces and lift loads in some tight quarters. Purchasing this sacrifices maneuverability and power, but the cost of acquisition is affordable.

When looking for forklifts for sale Toronto, consider your needs. Where do you want to use it? In a warehouse or outdoors and what weight can it loft and to what height? Such parameters will help you get the appropriate forklift that will serve you perfectly.

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