A-List of Best Cannabis Business Social Networks

Nowadays cannabis business social networks have taken growth. The legalization of this business is the main reason behind this. The regulatory framework continues to favour this cannabis business. In the US, people over 21 years can use cannabis for relaxation or refreshments. Few states of the US allow medical marijuana for patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses. And some US states have entirely decriminalized the ownership and consumption of cannabis. 

This advancement allows selling cannabis and related items legally. But still selling or using cannabis is prohibited in many countries. There are some restrictions on how much and where you can use it. 

Your cannabis business can face some restrictions if you try to avoid those limitations. So be aware of all the norms before starting your cannabis business. 

Cannabis business social networks are dedicated to cannabis users and businesses in this field. Or we can say that this platform is more likely to have targeted audiences who would be interested in what you have to offer. 

There are some leading cannabis business social networks, you can think about that. 

Best Cannabis Business Social Network:


This is a mobile app; you can make your online profile here and then can interact with other cannabis fans. You can easily make your sweet relationship with reliable customers who are looking for their favorite brands. 

This site also offers the latest news for weed-loving people. This is a community, which is specially created for people who are very passionate about cannabis. This app also offers an easy-to-use display section that shows various cannabis concentrates, seeds, edibles, and strains. You can make your products list here.

You can do a little more with the help of this app, you can educate marijuana lovers about the safe consumption of marijuana and your brand as well. Link Here.


This is a new cannabis business social network. But this site has gained massive popularity among cannabis enthusiasts in a very short time. Weedlife has a news feed from there you can get information on the latest cannabis-related businesses. 

You can also see here what other users are posting about their products. Here you can also connect with them and can join discussion groups and forums. 

This app is constantly improving its features to make it best and trying to enhance social media marketing capabilities to those businesses who want to use this platform. Weedlife would help you to increase your brand’s awareness and sales of your products. 

If you choose this site for your cannabis business social network, you have to choose between a personal profile and a business page. When you make your profile as a cannabis business then the site will allow you to promote your products independently. 

You can list your services and products on Weedlife to increase your visibility to serious customers. This site is also available on mobile apps that consumers download easily. 

Weedlife helps their consumers to find out nearest dispensary in their area and can connect with local cannabis users. You can also create discussion groups here that will help you to connect to the consumers and other cannabis businesses. 

This platform is very good to start your cannabis business social network. Also, can give a boost to your profession. Link here.


leafWire cannabis business social network is also called the LinkedIn of the cannabis business world. Here you can find everything related to your cannabis business such as strategies, data, methods, and news of the industry. You can post here photos, news, articles, and information related to your cannabis business. 

This platform gives many opportunities to cannabis businesses, especially for whom those who are looking for investors. LeafWire assures by helping struggling brands. This site also connects cannabis people and jobseekers with high-profile employers. It also provides the latest news and trends about cannabis businesses. Link here


This is the first cannabis business social network that connects college students who use cannabis and looking for dispensaries in their areas. At this time, this platform has more than one million connected users. MassRoots is the perfect place to promote your cannabis businesses and dispensaries. 

You can easily sign up on the site and can promote your cannabis brand here. Just register yourself and make a list of your business to access customer analytics. Also, you can get ideas about your marketing and promotional campaigns. 

Along with discussion forums, it allows its users to post reviews and give a rate to the products. MassRoots try to keep their users active by offers a reward program. In the reward program, they give concert tickets, movie tickets, and festival passes to the users. Link here.


Duby is specially designed for iOS and Android as a cross between Tinder, Instagram, and Twitter. Here marijuana lovers can post images and videos and can connect with other cannabis lovers without any worries. 

The special feature of this social site provides its users to ‘pass’ on the content that they enjoy or like and ‘put out’ the content which they don’t like. Duby is a very popular and fully grown social network site. This is a safe place for cannabis lovers to connect cannabis business social networks. 

You can join Duby to view the top posts and videos and can share your posts and videos with other users. If you want to promote your cannabis business then you should join this platform without any doubt. 


This is a new cannabis business social network that is created for cannabis business professionals. You can find here growers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors, traders, and many others who are related to the cannabis industry. 

You have to sign up on this site for a profile and then you will get access to videos, news feeds, and product listing. After making a profile you can create a network with others in the industry. You can advertise your business here and can reach out to your targeted audience. Link here

Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz is like a whole world for cannabis lovers. Here you can connect with new friends, can locate a headshop, and can find friendly accommodations that are near you. This is a free app and easy to use.

Bud Hubz offers great opportunities to cannabis businesses and cannabis lovers. You can add your own business here with one click and sign up to get recommendations for all cannabis-related businesses in your neighborhood.

If you want to go out then just pick your city which you want to travel to connect with weed lovers, live there, and can book accommodation from the Bud Hubz. This is the best website for cannabis business social networks. Link here


This site also allows cannabis lovers to find the best stores, dispensaries, and strains in their nearby area. On WeedMaps you can list your products, add important information related to your cannabis business, add images and videos also.

We can say that this is a cannabis business social network to reach out to your clients. Just sign up on the site and go ahead. Here you can promote your products through advertising or any other promotional tactics that attract your customers to your business. Link here.

Grasscity Forums

This is the oldest cannabis business social network that started as a networking platform for cannabis growers. Now, this is developed gradually into a forum where its users can discuss methods to consume weeds, the best cannabis dispensaries in the particular area, and the legalization of weed.

You can join this network to participate in the discussions and can get all the important information from weed lovers. Also, you could get all information about different seeds, strains, growing methods, or any other cannabis-related topic under this platform.

To start your business on this site just list your products dispensary, promote them, and start the conversations to the cannabis lovers on the forum. Link here


This is the largest cannabis business social network where more than 4 lakh monthly visitors visit. CannaSOS is famous for providing full information on cannabis strains, their THC content, CBD, and their other compounds.

This kind of information can educate the consumers who want to explore the world of cannabis and want to start cannabis manufacturing. Here you can find recommendations on the best dispensaries in your locality or can ask for advice from cannabis experts.

Also, you can buy and sell the products on the CannaSOS. This platform provides complete financial transparency. CannaSOS also has its currency in the name of Perks Coin. So, you can use it for buying and selling your products on this platform. Link here.


These are some suggestions for you to start your cannabis business social network. You can also spread awareness about cannabis on these sites along with an advertisement for your products. Here you can find genuine buyers and weed lovers. So, if you provide them with real information and educate them then you will give the reason to your customers to trust you and buy from your company.

Cannabis social networks are dedicated to cannabis lovers and users. Most importantly for those who want to promote their cannabis business.

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