Can You Start Blogging in 2021?

If you want to start blogging in 2021 then what are you waiting for? 2021 is here and you can start writing blogs any time. Just you need a passion for writing and you can make real money by blogging in 2021. This time many people choosing blogging as their professional career and making an income by doing this. Some people want to start blogging for their professional sites but do not know the right way of writing it. 

If you want to write blogs, you have to consider some tips for blogging and then you can do the work. In this article, we are sharing with you about starting and running blogging to earn more money in 2021. 

Here are some tips to start blogging:

Choose a blog name

The first thing which you should consider to start blogging is to choose a blog name. your blog name must be appealing to readers. Once you got the idea for the name of your blog then you have to check that to make sure that no other person has already registered it. 

If you find that the name took that you can add some changes to that. Like you can add any words in a name like ‘the’, ‘my’, ‘a’, etc. or even you can add dashes between the words. For example, But remember one thing that a good blog name should be expositive. Your blog name can explain instantly about the material of writing to your potential visitors. 

Think about blog topics

To start blogging you should have topics to write the blogs. If you are confused about what to blog about, then you can consider some topics of your interest. 

You can start blogging about your personal life. In this topic, you can include a variety of topics. Like your random thoughts, your daily life experience, or things you do daily. Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts with people without any hesitation. 

You can also write about your passions and hobbies. You can write about traveling, cooking, fashion, cars, sports, gardening, or anything which you like. 

Blogging on your life experience is also a good option to share with the audience. You can share the life lessons that you have learned through life. Think about the things which you have experienced in your life. It could be anything like ‘my lockdown life, ‘blog about handling the kids’, ‘blog about managing home and work’, or anything. 

Research keywords

Keyword research is a very important step for blogging. This is very simple; you need to find out what are people searching for things. Every blog needs to focus on one target keyword. If no one is searching that keyword, you will never get traffic from visitors. 

Purchase a domain and start blogging online

After deciding the name and topic now you need to buy a domain. The domain is the name that is used by users and search engines to recognize you and it gives access to your blogs on the online server. There are many domain registrars’ companies and they also do website hosting. 

But you have to find a good domain registrar and hosting provider for your blogging because bad hosting will create many problems for your blogs. The main focus should be on the speed and security of your blogs. If your website’s page speed will not be fast then search engines won’t give your site a higher ranking. 

After this create your account and set a password for your account. Use this password to log in and now you can start blogging online. 

Download WordPress for Blogging Content Management System (CMS)

After choosing web hosting, the next step is to choose WordPress for your blogging platform. In this content management system platform, you can write, customize, and can publish your blog post. There are many free and paid blogging platforms to choose from. Most people run their blogs on WordPress. WordPress offers you many themes, plugins, and many ways to extend the functionality of your blogs. 

While using WordPress, you can add neat widgets on the header, body, sidebar, and footers to improve the user experience. 

After the WordPress account, you need to choose your WordPress theme for your blogs. In WordPress theme, you will find a collection of files, templates, and stylesheets. You can also customize your theme by the customization menu of the WordPress theme. 

There are some blog design rules or principle which you should keep in mind. Like font should be between 14 and 17 points, easy to read, and legible. 

Create a content strategy

After WordPress, the steps to operation and monetization are begin to apply to start blogging. You can make some impactful strategies for the regular writing of your blogs. Your content should be unique, impressive, informative, and must be inviting to the readers. If you create magic with your content strategy then your visitor will become your fan and can be your loyal readers. 

Organize your content with a content calendar then optimize your content and you can share it on your social media account or channels. 

Do not forget to use a duplicate content checker before publishing the blog. 

Use social media for publicity

Social media is at the top at this time. This is very important for the publicity of your blog. If you do not have an account on social media then you can miss a big opportunity to share your blogs. You should be active on social media also to share your content with the readers. Because nowadays readers and your competitors are on social media and you should be there too to show your skill as well. 

Apply for AdSense for income

You can earn money from your blogs by including ads, sponsored posts, and event blogging. For this best option is Google AdSense, which pays you according to the clicks on your website. 

So, you can consider all these tips to start blogging in 2021. Do not hesitate, go for it!! 

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