Business Preparedness 101: Starting a Small Business

In today’s modern era, finding a job can be a tough call. Paying bills on time and maintaining a comfortable life appear more of a luxury that only a few people can experience. Adding up to the current struggle is the current pandemic, which ultimately pushed our economy to reach its lowest point. While others believe that this moment is an opportunity to spend time with your family, many think otherwise.

One solution that can help solve the unemployment problems is building your business. But we tend to feel overwhelmed by the thought of starting from scratch. Many are quick to think of the capital that they need and even quit before starting.

From Rags to Riches

Indeed, starting your business at first will be a challenging task. But, once you break those barriers that come your way, you’ll be glad to have taken the risk. Here are some considerations that can help you prepare for your journey ahead.

Financial Capability

Of course, finances will be the first concern when starting a business. How much funds you need and where to get it from can be tricky. Luckily, many lending companies and banks are offering hard money loans with low interest rates.

Finding the best offers will provide you the financial freedom you deserve. This way, you can make good use of the opportunity to reach your goals.

Target Market

Who do you plan to sell your products or services for? Answering this question is a deciding factor whether your business plan will appeal to the mass. Important considerations include your current business location and the needs of the neighborhood. You can ask around and listen to what your target market needs. From there, you can get an idea of which items will surely hit the market.


After deciding about the product or services, look around and see any competitors within the vicinity. Learn what their strengths and weaknesses are. These will give you the advantage of focusing on, whether it’s the variety of products or the cost.


A trusted supplier that offers valuable goods at a competitive price is challenging to find these days. Bigger companies tend to monopolize the market and their manufacturers. They often have an exclusive contract which closes the opportunity for aspiring small business owners.

For those who are starting up, it takes enough patience to find a reasonable deal with these providers. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with starting slow. Besides, flipping a capital is not as easy as it sounds.


As we’ve experienced during this pandemic, many in-demand products shifted to a more health-conscious market. Products like rubbing alcohol, face masks, and other essential supplies are selling high.

Jumping into the hype and starting like what others are doing is not a bad thing. But come to think of it, is it worth investing in these “seasonal” things? What would happen after the pandemic ends? Do these things will stay on demand? These questions were challenging to answer, and it all boils down to whether your business can adapt to these changes.


Others who started their business failed because of a lack of passion. Even when the payout of your business is good, at some time, you will experience drought. Losing your motivation is the sole thing that you don’t want to vanish.

Starting a business that you’re initially not interested in will put up a high chance of failure. So, it is important to assess yourself on what you see yourself doing in the future. Following your dreams is the greatest motivator that will push you to build your empire.

Employment Status

Unless you have enough savings at hand, quitting your current job and shifting to entrepreneurship is a risky endeavor. So, try to ease with the transition one at a time. If possible, you can split your schedules. Stick to your day job in the morning and work on your business after hours. This way, you can smoothly build your dreams into reality.

Little by little, you will see that all your hard work will pay off. Once you see your business stabilizing, only then can you quit your job and focus solely on your business.

Wrapping Up

There are many factors that you should take into account when starting your business. If you have the will and the driving force to step into the game, then push through it. Nonetheless, it is a step-by-step process, and it will take time. So, patience plays a key factor when going through this journey. Only you can decide your career path.

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