How outsourcing your business’s IT can save money?

Outsourcing your business’s IT needs can save both time and money provided that you successfully find the right person or agency. 

What does outsourcing IT Support Services Include?

  • Front Desk Support: i.e having all your customer queries answered by a dedicated virtual team 24/7.
  • Network Security: Outsourcing your Digital Assets’s security to a third party for safeguarding from cyber attacks. 
  • Data Storage: Some companies have a huge customer database to manage and it’s not just possible for them to buy servers or waste time on learning technical stuff for cloud storage.
  • IT Consultation: More and more business especially offline brick and mortar stores are finding themselves on the backfoot of digital transformation.

These are just some of the “Most outsourced tasks” that business owners seek for managing their assets. Have a look at 

Reasons for outsourcing IT services

Ask a startup founder enjoying remote work at the white sand beaches of Maldives or at a co-working space in Bali. They don’t have any interest in renting an expensive office or hiring staff on location.

Costs Far Less

Hiring a web developer which is the first and foremost need of any Company, costs at least $68,000 a year in the US.  While a business website would only cost $10K to $15K. Plus, an Agency would be able to take care of a wide array of aspects. 

Did you know that Instagram was written in 26 different coding languages with Python being the major component? The web developer you would hire won’t be able to help you with bringing your business to App stores.

The cost to hire professionals as per your need makes much more sense.


Imagine Hiring individuals personally for every single task you need done. From registering  a domain to getting a fully functional Online appearance there are a huge number of tasks involved. Hiring a single person for all your IT needs simply won’t cut it. 

An IT outsourcing services company can sometimes just be the right fit so that you can focus on creativity and Business Module. According to Clutch, 52% of small business outsource most of their IT needs to Specialists.

Let the PROs handle

Must have heard it many times before. The statement is absolutely true in sense putting your resources where needed.

“You don’t need to be smartest in the room. As a Business owner you only need to make sure, smart people are Working Together”  – Jack Ma (Founder Alibaba)

While you might not have the technical knowledge or experience to hire new people, it outsourcing services company know their way of handling things. 

Expand at a Faster Pace: 

As Business owners are occupied with a lot of stuff, outsourcing IT services benefit both the business and your focus. Let’s say you are working on a new division of your company or planning a new product launch, the last thing you want to worry about is how to get it in front of people.

You can even think about outsourcing IT support services and just focus on Results. From idea to Analysis and reporting, everything can be managed by professional IT services company.

Case Studies 


Yes Folks, Skype’s backend development was actually outsourced and done by people from Estonia back in 2003. These professionals created video chat, instant messaging and filesharing options. Later Skype was acquired by ebay for 2 and a half billion Dollars. Later Microsoft paid 8.5 Billion Dollars for it in 2011.

Penske Truck Leasing

Is a logistics company that also deals in leasing of equipment. They provide services in US, Canada, China and Europe supporting over 700 locations Worldwide. Their annual Revenue is approximately $6 Billion+ with around 30,000 employees.

Outsourcing IT services enabled the company to achieve approximately $20 million in annual costs. 

Citi Group

Top of the line example is a Banking Giant running Citi Bank. Although they have been hiring offshore talent for 2 decade but it was not until 2014 when they outsourced about 11,000 jobs about 4000 of which were IT related. It was the result of this move, they saved over $1 billion per year.

End note

It’s not just startups or small businesses that can benefit, big corporations can also have excessive results by outsourcing IT services. Not to mention companies like Google and Alibaba also benefit by outsourcing.

Startups like Slack and Whatsapp focused on outsourcing very early to keep the costs lower in the long run. Simple math suggests that outsourcing IT services early on can set the right foothold for most of the companies.

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