Innovative Tips for Moving House

Moving house is very often a total headache. This is a shame because it comes straight after the process of buying a home (or selling your old one) and that’s certainly no walk in the park either. However, CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage with expertise in luxury homes and condos in the SLC area, offers some comforting advice. Unlike most things in the fast-moving world of property, the advice to defer to when planning a successful move does not change like the weather. The actual process of moving to a new house – of ensuring a successful, low-cost and efficient move with the least property damage – is fairly set.

Fairly set – but not completely. In fact, the moving industry is, just like any other, undergoing rapid modernization and development. There are the usual age-old tips and tricks for a successful move, true, but there are many opportunities today for optimizing the process that simply didn’t exist before. Today, it is not only much easier to appraise different removal companies and get the best deal but there are other innovations such as electronic tracking and new cargo-safety technology, which are all becoming more commonplace.

And it isn’t just that the removal industry is innovating. The millions of people moving around today – as well as the internet services which have helped connect them all – have led to an ever-expanding body of advice, tips, tricks, and methods being shared around like never before. Moving house is something that nearly everybody will do a few times over the course of a lifetime, and there are many out there who have come across the odd hack and neat trick for ensuring that the sofa doesn’t get damaged in transit.

Innovative Moving Tips

In the spirit of all this innovation, therefore, here follows some of the top tips and tricks for moving house today. These can be used as a great first step for planning your upcoming move.

Declutter First

Working on the simple principle that less stuff is easier to pack and move, the very first thing you should do, even before planning your move, is simply get rid of as many unnecessary or unused items as possible. Decluttering has become pretty popular in recent times, even for people that are not moving home, and so this is a worthwhile move regardless of how far in the future your upcoming move is.

Get What You Need on Hand

When you move, there are all sorts of information that you will need to supply to various people. Things like a new address, rental papers, and moving contracts should all be collected in one folder ahead of the moving day. It is wise to back this up digitally, but a hard copy is very useful to have on hand on moving day.

Gradually Pack

If your proposed move is a month away, then you might not want to disassemble and bubble wrap the dining table right this moment. You’ll probably want to have a dining table for much of the last month in your old place! Those ornaments on the bedroom table, however, are probably not so necessary. Accordingly, it is wise to start packing well in advance of a move but to begin with the items you won’t miss so much or which are easier to pack. You can tackle the sofa later.

Price Compare Removal Companies

There are many internet sites that can do this for you, and a good broad comparison well in advance of the move is much advised before settling on a company.

Moving is never fun, but you can make it smooth and efficient.

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