Looking for an SEO Company for Your Law Firm? Here’s What to Look Out For

Research shows that about one-third of potential clients rely on the internet to look for a dependable lawyer. And this is not surprising! With the reliability and convenience of the internet, most people turn to Google. And this calls for every law firm to stay proactive in this regard.

Whether you’re looking to gain new clientele, turn live visitors inquiring about potential clients, build a brand new website, refurbish an already existing one, marketing, or looking to build a robust reputation, a lawyer SEO company can give you the results you are looking for! 

On this page, we discuss three things to look out for before hiring an SEO company for your law firm. 

Practice areas

When looking for a law firm SEO company, you need to research their practice areas. Their lawyer SEO solution should be unique and applicable to other top law firms in the state. Some of the practice areas you need to look out for in an SEO company include; legal marketing, optimizing website structure, website conversion, video production, production of attorney profiles, pay-per-click advertising, and even reputation management. 

By understanding their practice areas, you get to evaluate whether they apply to your business. And if you work together for the good of the law firm.

In-house professionals

Secondly, you need to consider a lawyer SEO company with in-house professionals. That includes marketing experts, videographers, social media gurus, SEO consultants, content writers, paid search specialists, designers, with years of experience under their sleeves regarding digital marketing. 

Additionally, their in-house professionals should be goal-driven and focused on helping your law firm yield the best results. With such a team, you are sure that your law firm will achieve successful digital marketing solutions that are customized, perfected, and streamlined to dominate and cater to the legal industry. 

Ask Questions

When choosing a law firm SEO company, you need to ask several questions. A professional company such as dNOVO Group will address your concerns the best way they know-how. They will be transparent concerning their operations and help you understand any questions you might have concerning their area of practice. 

Some of the queries you can ask include:

  • How’s your overall experience with SEO?
  • What strategies will you employ to drive results for my law firm?
  • Can they help convert visitors to your site to clients?
  • Do they have what it takes to bring your brand to life?

These and more questions will give you more insights into the SEO company for your law firm. It will help you gauge whether they are reliable, can drive results, are honest, flexible and whether you can rely on them.

Final thoughts

We could go on and on about what to look out for when looking for an SEO company for your law firm. But the tips discussed above will direct you. Besides, carry out due diligence on the company so that you do not fall prey to the hands of time and money wasters.

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