Sharing internet from a phone

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Fibre Broadband connection all the time. There are also certain times where you are on the go and cannot use your Atlantek Fibre Broadband that you love so much! If you’re wondering how to access the internet from your phone and work, you’ve come to the right place. It’s hard to do your work without a network these days, and in an emergency, mobile internet connection may be your last resort.

Methods of sharing the internet from a phone – Tethering – what is it?

There are several ways to share the internet with a smartphone, whether it’s an Android or iOS device. To use the network on another device, all you need to do is configure the sharing settings accordingly and then make the appropriate configuration on the target hardware. This is called tethering and involves using your phone as an access point for a computer or other device.

How to share the Internet from your phone – Network sharing

Today it’s hard to imagine life without the Internet, so it’s good that phones can “share” it with other devices.

Using your smartphone as a modem and router can be very useful when you don’t have access to the internet from another source. It’s handy both on the go and in emergency situations where access to online resources is essential to getting your work done.

The setup itself is limited to a few steps in the device settings, which can be handled by anyone, even if they rarely use a smartphone. The functionality is similar across all operating systems, so it doesn’t matter if it’s Android or iOS.

What is a hotspot?

The most common way of sharing the internet is by connecting to devices that use Wi-Fi technology. This is a fast and secure solution. The shared phone is a so-called hotspot, which in this way becomes an access point for devices that have the appropriate connection data to that spot.

Hotspots are used commercially in many businesses. Free Wi-Fi access can be used in cafes, shopping malls, banks, etc. Their function is very similar to that of your smartphone.

How to share the internet from your phone – public transport, bus

Hotspots with Internet access can now even be found on public transport

A modem with a router connected to the network makes the internet available to any device that connects. Sometimes these connections can be insecure because they allow access to everyone, other times they require a network security key to connect properly, which will allow use of the network.

Public access points, due to the possibility of packet interception by other hotspot users, can be dangerous for data that should not fall into the wrong hands, so it is best not to connect to bank accounts etc. using such a network.

Sharing the Internet from a smartphone – step by step

Below are detailed instructions that will allow you to use the Internet provided on your device with your phone. Depending on the phone you have and the operating system installed on it, the procedures may differ slightly, but the principle is exactly the same in each of them.

If you have a smartphone with Android installed, the first step you will take when setting up a hotspot is to check that mobile data transfer is enabled, this means that your phone is connected to the internet via the mobile network. To check this, go to settings, then select Network and Internet, then Mobile Network, and check that mobile data is enabled.

If mobile data is enabled, go back to Network and Internet and select Hotspot and Tethering. Here, from the menu, you need to select which way of connecting to the internet is best in your situation.

If you want to share the internet via Wi-Fi, select Set up a Wi-Fi HOTSPOT, give the hotspot a name, a password for security, and select the bandwidth you want your device to transmit in. Remember to save your data, then return to the previous menu and start the portable Wi-Fi access point mode.

The last step is to select the network on your computer or other device and enter the password you gave it during setup. If this is something you have a struggle with, contact  Atlantek Fibre Broadband and our technicians will help you straight away. When this is done, the hardware will be connected to the network and you can use it for mobile data. Voila!

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