Is Pay-Per-Click Right for Your Business?

Digital marketers have access to a complete range of tools designed to help clients make the most of their online marketing efforts. One of those tools is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC is a way to advertise on digital properties like Google and Facebook but only pay when someone actually does something with your ad. The question is whether it is right for your business.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to market. Any digital marketing agency that attempts to convince you otherwise is doing you a disservice. Just like businesses are different, so are their marketing efforts. This suggests that your company may or may not be an ideal candidate for PPC.

The Wrong Reason for PPC

Companies without an extensive amount of digital marketing experience latch on to PPC services for a variety of reasons. The wrong reason is doing it because everyone else is. Effective marketing does not occur by playing the copycat. It is the result of finding out what works best for your company and then pursuing it.

Your competitors may be highly successful with PPC advertising. They may get all the clicks they want along with pretty solid conversion optimization. But so what? PPC agency is just a small part of a much bigger picture. You don’t know what kind of budget your competitor is working with. You are not up to speed on all their marketing strategies. You have no idea how PPC fits into their entire SEO and digital marketing picture.

Understand How It Works

Webtek Digital Marketing says the most important thing about PPC advertising is understanding how it works. You choose an advertising platform – like Google, for instance – and then set up an advertising account. Next, you bid on the keywords you want to advertise around. The higher your bid, the greater your chances of beating the competition for those keywords.

Once you place your bids, it is time to create your ads. They should be SEO-rich from top to bottom. You place your ads and wait to see what happens. Every click costs you whatever amount you bid on that particular ad. This payment model represents an ideal way to take advantage of paid advertising without breaking the bank. PPC ad campaigns can be built around particular budgets of any size.

How to Know If It’s Right

Now to the main premise of this post: knowing whether PPC advertising is right for your business. A good place to start is determining how likely your customers are to utilize the platforms on which you would advertise.

Just about everyone uses Google, but do the majority of your customers find your business via a search engine, or by some other means – like word-of-mouth referrals? Next, ask yourself whether the products and services you sell are subject to impulse buys. It makes a difference

Choose Keywords Wisely

PPC advertising is built around the keywords you choose for your ad campaigns. Believe it or not, choosing the most highly competitive keywords could result in you spending money and getting very little in return. The point here is to be mindful of the keywords your competition is focusing on. If you can find less competitive keywords that can still generate traffic, work with them. Do not try to compete for keywords that everyone else is working on.

Is PPC advertising right for your company? That is something for you and your digital marketing agency to decide. Just don’t do PPC because everyone else is doing it. Make sure it fits with your business model and marketing strategy. If it is a good fit, it will work.

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