Tips on How to Effectively Execute Packing Electronics for Your move

In the modern world, where most of our activities depend on modern technology, we tend to have more than one electronic device either at home or at work. In this regard, when shifting from your house or office to a new place or holiday home, you are bound to package electronics while shifting. 

You have to protect your electronic devices when on transit to prevent damages and ultimately unnecessary expenses replacing damaged electronic devices. 

Reasons Why You Need Proper Packing of Electronics When Moving

All your electronics devices need proper protection while moving them, from small electronic appliances like a kitchen blender, phones to larger devices like TV sets and office computers.

To Protect from damages

Most electronic devices are sensitive to the way we handle them and their environment. Therefore, it would help protect the devices from mechanical damage and other potential hazards such as electrostatic discharge, high-frequency noise, emissions, excess heat, liquids, and rodents. It’s therefore vital to acquire the correct portable moving containers to protect your electronic devices maximally.

You may consider, for example, using your backpack to carry your laptop when moving your electronics; however, you are likely to crash your computer on a bench. It’s therefore essentialto use a padded case, for example. 

Cost of Replacing or repairing 

Most of the modern electronic devices are not cheap to acquire. Therefore, in case of damages, you are likely to either use finances to repair the damaged items or else replace them, which is unnecessarily expensive;

Essentials Required For Packaging

  • Portable moving containers
  • Sturdy cartons
  • Label stickers
  • Wrapping papers(newsprint, packing paper)
  • Bubble cushions
  • Pudding sheets.
  • Styrofoam

Tips to Consider While Packing Your Electronics for Your Move.

  1. Choose appropriate protective portable moving containers that fit your electronic devices and protectsthem from potential damages. In addition, you will need to consider which appliances you pack as single items.
  2. Read the product’s manual or use the product’s website to know specifications for storing your device.
  3. Detach batteries or switch off the power forself-powered devices. When you switchoff, you prevent unnecessary battery drain and electric shocks from occurring.
  4. Consider the way you pack your portable containers. Placing a TV set on top of a laptop will damage the computer, for example.
  5. Label the portable enclosures. It’s essential to have an inventory of all the electronic devices you are moving. The best way you can do this is to label all the containers and make a list. However, it’s advisable not to reveal the item with labels for the safety of your most valuable devices but rather code your language.
  6. If you disassemble electronic devices that are difficult to re-assemble, use color-coded labels to guide you on where to fix each component or cable.


To package your electronics while moving out needs planning. Plan well in advance to acquire portable containers and other necessary packaging materials and have enough time to package the items. Repairing or replacing electronics is expensive; you have an option, protect your electronics by adequately packaging them while moving out. You can’t ignore a broken phone screen; it will always be shouting at you, look at me!

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