How To Get The Perfect Shine For Your Car

Owning a car is one thing, but maintaining it is another whole story. Many people buy cars but do not know how to keep them in good condition. If you are planning on reselling your car, you must make sure it is in good condition both internally and externally. Apart from attracting buyers, a well-maintained car can tell a lot about you. Keeping your car shiny is all about the paint. You need to ensure it is clean, free from scratches, and shiny. Even with fading paint, it is still possible to give your car that perfect shine. Here are tips to get you going

Always Wash the Car with a Shampoo

If you want to preserve the shine of your car, get used to cleaning it using car shampoo. Do not use any shampoo to clean the car since most of them contain chemicals and bleach that could damage the paintwork. Instead use the shampoo made specifically for washing cars. It will prevent the paint from peeling off and ensure a shiny aspect in the end. Since there are many types of car shampoos, make sure you choose what suits your car.

Repair the Paint When Damaged

If your car surface has scratches and swirls, find a way of removing them. You can apply Nexgen ceramic spray to reduce the visibility of the swirls. It can also be a good idea to get a chip repair expert for repairing the chips. Chips and swirls damage the paint, and this affects the shine of the car. So, have the paint repaired.

Polish the Car

If you want the car to look as shiny as it was when new, apply the right polish. The polish makes the surface smooth and removes any imperfection that might affect the shine. It removes swirls, scratches, and minor chips. You can also apply Torque Detail for a shinier look.


Wax your Car

Once you have polished the surface, add the wax. The wax acts like a protective layer that prevents dirt and other contaminants from reaching the paint. You need to know your car well and the different types of wax before buying. Before waxing, decide if you want the wax or you would like to apply a ceramic coating. Each has its different benefits. So, beforehand, research about ceramic coating vs waxing.

Add Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating also provides a protective layer from contaminants and dirt. You will also need to choose the best one for a long-lasting effect. Another important thing that will help you enjoy the service of ceramic coating is learning about proper ceramic coating maintenance.

Work on the Glass

Even after working on the paintwork, you cannot get the perfect shine unless you work on the glass and the tires too. Read Shine Amor reviews before buying the product for the perfect shine. You also need a specific glass cleaner for the sparkling shine.


These are simple tricks of getting a perfect shine for your car. You only need to use car shampoo for washing, polish the surface, wax it and use the best ceramic coating. This way, you get the perfect shine while protecting the paintwork from contaminants.

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