Wear A Bow-tie to Get a Confident, Classy Look

When we talk of bow ties, there are two types of people. There are those who prefer wearing them as an everyday accessory and those who prefer keeping them for special occasions. When it comes to bow ties in women, that is a topic on a whole new level. Some women prefer bow ties to regular ties for a reason, and despite the fact that some people consider them as evening attires, they also form a list of formal outfits for women. By combining playfulness and elegance, you can get that confident and classy look you want. Here is how to rock it the best way with a bow tie.

Know the History

A bow tie is an ultimate accessory to complete your formal or informal wear, but knowing its origin is one great way of feeling more confident. The first bow tie to be documented was worn in the 17th century even though it did not resemble the ones we have today. During this time, Croatian Mercenaries used to tie scarves around open collars of the shirts. The main purpose of the scarves was not for looks but for keeping out dirt. Later on, the French influential classes adopted the new wear, and stylish geniuses thought of it as a favorable attire. So apart from being a casual elegant wear that brings an intelligent atmosphere, a bow tie is also a great confidence booster.

Know the Different Types

There are different types of bow ties. You will come across free ties and self-ties, pre-tied or clip-on. If you want that classy look, we advise going for the free tie option. The good thing with this is that it gives you the freedom to tie it to your likeability. When choosing formal wear, it is advisable not to choose a free choice. Keep that for a casual night with your friends. Instead, choose pre-tied or clip-on bow ties.

Know What You Should Wear with a Bow Tie

Normally, bow ties are worn with tuxedos or preferred with black and white outfits. If you are going for an all-black formal event, you need to have a black bowtie and the same for a white event. You may also be allowed to wear a colored bowtie depending on the event. Colored bow ties are more likely to be worn in less formal events. Bow ties continue to gain acceptance in different fields because of the confidence they bring in the style. They are good for complementing both formal and casual wear. One thing you need to know is that this accessory will automatically make a statement. So when wearing your outfit, leave the bow tie to make the statement on its own.

Know When to Wear

When to wear also goes with why you are wearing the bow tie. What you wear is optional unless you are going to a black and white formal event. If you are going outside a formal event or meeting, you are spoiled with options. You can wear what you really enjoy, unlike regular ties that limit you with options.


Bow ties have become a critical accessory, especially for style savvies. If you are looking for a confident and classy formal or casual look, bow ties are the way to rock it.

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