Why do Businesses Need Digital Marketing? – Find Out

Digital marketing has been buzzing for quite some time now and it is for all the right reasons. Starting off as just a part of marketing activities, digital marketing has now emerged as a standalone department in many organizations today. 

So what’s digital marketing all about? Why are so many businesses opting for it? Do you also need it? 

Well, if you haven’t picked the cue yet, the answer is yes. Digital marketing has become a need for businesses today and we’re going to tell you why. 

But first, let’s understand what digital marketing is. It is the promotion/marketing of your offerings using digital channels and methods. Let’s now look at why businesses need to adopt digital marketing.

Reach Global Markets

Digital marketing has nullified the geographical barriers giving a chance for businesses to expand their reach to global audiences. You can be global while being local. This is extremely important in today’s date because the competition is moving towards global expansion so if you want to survive the race, you need to spread your operations as well. 

Digital marketing allows you to be specific even when you go global. So you meet the right people all over the world. But with this, do you think it’s going to be expensive? Well, it’s not. Read the next point to know more. 


Because of using the Internet and digital channels to market, the cost of digital marketing efforts is lower than traditional methods. The cost of putting up a billboard in prime locations all over the world like Mumbai, NYC, UK, etc can get really expensive and the attention span of the viewers is also very low. 

Instead, you can run ads for much cheaper on other platforms and target the same people who live in these prime locations! Digital marketing makes your targeting smarter and cost-effective at the same time. Fun fact: Google ads start for as low as 1$. 

Automate Processes

The world is moving towards automation and so should you. What’s even better is that you can automate complicated processes in marketing too with the help of some amazing digital marketing tools. 

Sending emails to a database of 10,000 people with customized and personalized copies is done within minutes. This helps reduce the burden on your manpower and most importantly eliminates the chances of human error which are bound to happen with larger data. Almost every digital marketing element can be automated which saves a lot of time and effort. 

AI-driven solutions ensure accurate interpretation of data which is the core of digital marketing. It runs on the minute details about audiences which makes it so catchy. Technology itself is advancing in so many ways. Find out how by reading this article on technology revolutionizing the modern world

Increase Visibility on Search Engines

Search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo are some of the biggest platforms where people turn to for every query they have. Right from finding reviews on certain things to buying things online to finding the meaning of literally anything. Hence, this is an indication to start ranking on search engines and gain maximum visibility + traffic. 

SEO in digital marketing is one of the most important aspects which helps you optimize your website and all the pages within to be able to rank on search engines organically. SEM is another part that lets you run ads on specific keywords and search terms & charges you only after an action is taken. 

Search engines are highly-intent-driven platforms and digital marketing lets you leverage these platforms seamlessly. 

Leverage Social Media

Aren’t we all guilty of spending a lot of our time on social media and turning it there for some entertainment? It’s not just us. Our potential target audiences are doing the same and this addiction can be turned into an opportunity. 

Creating engaging content on social media, interacting with your audience, building a relatable online presence, and running relevant ads & collaborations are just some of the ways you can leverage social media in digital marketing. 

To Conclude, 

The whole point of digital marketing is to shift your focus from where your audience was to where your audience is currently present. 

Cost-effectiveness, higher efficiency, and ROI, greater results, etc are the benefits of digital marketing. 

So if you wish to get started, here are 2 options that you can consider. The first is to educate yourself in digital marketing end-to-end via credible and practical online digital marketing course in India

These courses have a pretty hands-on approach enabling you to apply what you have learned. Also, being online saves a lot of time and gives you the freedom of convenience. The bonus is that you get to interact with experts and enthusiasts from different origins and cultures while sitting at home. 

Although, a more professional approach would be to sign up for an elaborate digital marketing corporate training. This program first identifies your current needs & problems and presents you with optimum digital solutions. Further, your entire workforce is trained in these solutions to make sure a smooth transition. 

You’re just one decision away from digitally transforming your business & getting future-ready. 

Author’s Bio

Karan Shah

Founder and CEO at IIDE

An ‘Edupreneur’ and the founder of IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education.

He is a passionate public speaker and teacher for over 10 years. He has trained over 1,00,000+ students and 25+ corporates in Digital Marketing via online and offline channels. He is a Harvard alumnus specializing in E-commerce. He is a TEDx speaker and is a visiting faculty at India’s top management institutes like the IIMs.

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